Six months for stealing rum and chicken

COURT TODAY BLOCKA St Michael man who stole rum and chicken from a neighbourhood supermarket earlier this month never got to leave the premises with them.

Owen Gilbert Skeete, who was known to the supermarket’s employees, was subsequently arrested and charged for the February 6 offence.

Appearing before Magistrate Douglas Frederick in the District ‘A’ Magistrates Court yesterday, the Parade Road, Bush Hall resident pleaded guilty.

The bottle of rum and a chicken, valued at $61. 67, were the property of Popular Discounts supermarket.

The repeat offender was sentenced to six months in prison.

In the facts which Sergeant Martin Rock outlined, the 47-year-old mechanic entered the supermarket and took up the items. He then joined the queue to go to the cashier, but was later seen putting the items in a plastic bag. He then exited.

Manager Mark Farrell was notified and he went outside and caught up with Skeete in the area of the car park. By this time, the thief was trying to mount his bicycle, while holding a Popular Discounts plastic bag in one hand and carrying a haversack on his back.

When the manager stopped Skeete and asked him to produce a receipt for the items, he could not. Security arrived at the same time. While they held on to the plastic bag, Skeete made good his escape, leaving the rum, chicken and bicycle behind.

The matter was reported to police. During an interview on Saturday, Skeete admitted to lawmen that he committed the offence. Yesterday, he told the court that he took up the items to help feed his child.

2 Responses to Six months for stealing rum and chicken

  1. kathy-Ann Clarke February 17, 2016 at 7:54 am

    Oh boy, I believe that if he was genuine, he could have asked a friend for something for the child to eat. Poor excuse , you know you had no intentions to pay, so stop with all the excuses. It was said, you are well known by the workers, so, that simply means, you are in the habit of going there and shoplifting. Certainly do not feel sorry for you.

  2. Allan Wilkie February 17, 2016 at 10:42 am

    Feeds the child rum?


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