Bail for one

After appearing in the Holetown Magistrates Court last week, four people – including a pregnant woman and three British men – appeared before a Bridgetown court in connection with a credit card scam.

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Melissa Latoya Cumberbatch, a self-employed 30-year-old from Carringtons Village, St Michael; Michael Akinwale Akingbade, a 33-year-old civil engineer; Joseph Adedapo King, a 30-year-old courier and 19-year-old Mukhtar Mohamed Muctar Abbasheikh went before Magistrate Douglas Frederick this afternoon.

The indictable charges, which the quartet faces, are that they dishonestly obtained one watch each from three different City establishments, with the intent of permanently depriving them of the items by falsely representing that the credit cards which they used, were valid forms of payment which the accused were authorized to use.

One charge relates to obtaining a $22,500 watch on February 5 from Diamonds International Limited, and a $15,485 watch from Nimsay Trading Company Limited on the same date. The final allegation relates to a watch valued at $17,300 which was allegedly obtained from the same establishment a day later.

None of the accused was required to plead to the charges which Magistrate Frederick read to them in the District ‘A” Magistrates Court.

Cumberbatch, the lone female accused, was granted $15 000 bail. Meanwhile, her three male co-accused, who are all British nationals, asked that their matters be fast-tracked by eliminating a preliminary inquiry into the charges against them before high court trial.

They were later remanded to HMP Dodds and will reappear in court on May 3.

Attorney-at-law Andrew Pilgrim, QC, and Lesley Cargill are representing Akingbade and King, while Pilgrim is appearing as a friend of the court on Abbasheikh’s behalf.

Cumberbatch’s attorney is Kristen Turton.

2 Responses to Bail for one

  1. Julia February 16, 2016 at 12:11 pm

    I am sorry, but I would have remand Ms. Cumberbatch as well.

  2. Alex Alleyne February 16, 2016 at 5:13 pm

    No problem here seeing that a baby is on the way , but why not put an “ankle monitor” on her to track every step she make.
    We must get serious at all levels . Pictures and finger prints are just the beginning. Crooks out there at all levels in all places , left , right and center , top and bottom.
    Our HOTEL DODDS gonna be bursting at the seams with all those who think they can make a “quick buck the ‘ole fashioned way”………..As the saying goes……”they stole it”.


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