20/20 vision for new Bank On Me show

The producers of the local television show Bank On Me plan to introduce a number of new features for the third season, scheduled to begin airing in September.

Blue Waters Productions intends to pursue a 20/20 vision, targeting persons with projects in agricultural entrepreneurship, cultural industries, innovation, research and science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Managing Director Alison Saunders said the areas of focus for Season three were drawn from the priorities set by Government in its human resource development strategy.

“You might ask why 2020? As you know when you say you have 20/20 vision that means you have really good eyesight and you can see very clearly. And we are looking forward to contributing to that for Barbados, that we can certainly see very clearly a bright and prosperous future for this country going into our post anniversary period.

“So for the 50th anniversary of Independence we will be having a special edition to launch our initiative to contribute to Barbados’ improved performance by 2020,” Saunders said this week at a news conference at the Scotiabank SkyMall branch, where she announced that producers were recieving applications from prospective contestants.

Filming of the reality show is scheduled to begin in August and the programme will have a new format, with hourly episodes – each episode in the first two seasons was 30 minutes long – to allow for more interaction with the judges, updates on past contestants, knowledge sharing through mini-segments and behind the scenes interaction.

The show’s producer said Blue Waters Production, in association with Scotiabank and the Barbados Industrial and Development Corporation would also launch a Bank on Me hub at its new offices in Fontabelle.

The hub will provide a space with Wi-Fi for training, mentorship, networking, research and other business activities for previous and current contestants.

Welcoming the TV show as a good tool for empowering entrepreneurs with skills to start a business, Scotiabank’s Business Banking Manager Ryan Hunte said he believed that “a vital and thriving” small business and entrepreneurship sector could drive economic growth.  (MM)

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