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Officer testifies that Murder accused gave detailed statement

COURT TODAY BLOCKActing Station Sergeant Vernon Farrell testified today that murder-accused Deon Maynard gave a very detailed statement about what took place at Salters, St George the night Arthur Chaderton and his son-in-law Gerhard Stock were shot.

Farrell was giving evidence in the trial which continued today before Justice Jacqueline Cornelius. According to the statement which Farrell said Maynard dictated to him in the presence of acting Sergeant Derek Griffith, the accused described the night as ‘festival’ because he owed $1,500 rent for his apartment and a further $1,200 for the clothing store space he was renting.

He said an unnamed man (who for the purposes of this story we shall refer to as John) had planned to rob Chefette on August 2, 2011. However, when they got there, John got out of the car but soon got back in, telling Maynard they were leaving the area. As they left, they noticed a house which was open and John told Maynard, who was driving a red Mazda at the time, to turn around. Maynard did so and John also told him where to park his car.

While still in the vehicle, Maynard said John handed him a black ski hat. John then took a razor which Maynard had in his car and cut out two holes in the hat so Maynard could see through them. The accused then used his fingers to make the holes bigger. John had a gun at the time. The two then made their way through some bush on to the Chaderton property.

“Two times God tried to save me from this destruction,” the statement read. Once was when Maynard’s shirt got hooked by a bush and the second time was when he sprained his ankle after jumping over a wall. He also recounted that John told him he only saw two persons inside the house but when he (Maynard) got inside and heard “a lot of children screaming”, he realized something was wrong.

“Them kids was really screaming man,” Farrell read.

The police officer said that Maynard recalled that a bald white man was inside the house who seemed very concerned about the children, but he was soon manoeuvred into another room by John. He heard John ask that man for money and it was soon afterwards when he heard about five shots in quick succession, that he “run so fast from the house that I fell down over a little plant pot thing there,” the statement said.

Maynard ran to his nearby car and when John came, he told Maynard that he had fired a warning shot but “them mother-****** did still coming at me.” John then asked Maynard to drop him by a woman called Sonia and he did so.

In the statement, Maynard also told police that he was wearing a black and white shirt that night and a pair of jeans, which he threw into a garbage container close to his apartment. Those clothes were never recovered. He also did not know where the knife was or what had happened to it.

“I didn’t get anything out the house and I don’t know if John get anything,” the accused told police. Maynard also said that John called him the following day to say that two men had died and even though he never meant for that to happen, “they had come attacking him”.

Farrell said he continued investigations into the matter and he, Griffith, and another officer went to the house in Salters on September 1, accompanied by accused Maynard. Farrell recalled Maynard pointing to a number of places at the residence during that visit, including where he had parked his car, a bushy area to the south of the Chaderton residence which he went through, the wall he jumped over and curtains which he said he had difficulty pulling closed.

He also pointed out the table from which he took the knife and where the old lady and children were standing, close to a stove.

The witness said Maynard also stated while there that he “didn’t intend to hurt nobody” nor for it “to come to this”.

As the investigations continued, Maynard also told police that the car which he drove that night was at a mechanic in Black Rock because it had developed a computer problem. He took them there as well and Constable Mervin Grace photographed the vehicle on September 1, 2011.

When Maynard was shown the knife, he admitted having it but said he had done nothing with it on that fateful night.

Officer Farrell testified that the accused man signed the oral statements which he dictated to him, as well as his notification of his right to an attorney.   

Maynard objected to the oral and written statements today.   

During his cross-examination of Farrell, Maynard asked: “What became of the statement that I wrote myself and gave to you?”

“Mam, the accused never wrote a statement himself and gave to me,” the officer replied.

When Maynard then put it to the witness that he was never present when that statement was being written, Farrell said that was untrue.

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