GUYANA – Man in viral video drinks poison

GEORGETOWN –– A man, who was at the centre of a controversial video that went viral early this year, is currently battling for his life at a private hospital after he reportedly ingested a poisonous substance, believed to be Gramoxone.

Tulsi Persaud Jr, a businessman, has been admitted in the medical institution’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) since sometime last week.

A screenshot from the viral video.
A screenshot from the viral video.

His relatives are blaming a popular television personality who posted the video on social media for his actions.

They claimed that the video was doctored and posted on the popular Internet site Facebook and caused Persaud to become depressed due to the racial and threatening response that followed.

A medical source at the hospital said that all of Persaud’s vital organs are dead and that he is attached to a life-support machine. He said that only his (Persaud’s) brain was functioning at this point and that it was only a matter of time before he was taken off the machine.

A family member yesterday confirmed that Persaud was the individual who was filmed hurling abusive language to police ranks while they were trying to direct traffic from the western side of the Demerara Habour Bridge.

A video of Persaud’s behaviour was posted on the Internet by a reporter on January 28.

In the video, which garnered over 172,262 views, 1,700 shares, 1,395 comments and 1,476 likes, Persaud was heard verbally abusing the traffic ranks, telling them that they cannot do anything to him since he is Tulsi Persaud.

At one point in the video, he told a policeman: “You is a j$%k@ss, ’cause you can’t do you wuk.” He continued with, “These police can’t do me one sk*&t” and “What the sk*&t alyuh telling me.”

In the ten-minute video, he continued to be very abusive to the traffic ranks, who seemed fearful and made no move to arrest him –– not even when he walked up to a passenger in a minibus and told the person, “I will slap yo mother sk@*t.”

As the video started to circulate, the Guyanese populace did not hesitate to share their thoughts on the subject.

One person commented: “All them police deh right there. Indecent language is a criminal offence . . . lock this man up or he’s just too rich and powerful.”

There were some persons who supported him, saying he was brave to “stand up” to the ranks.

In the comments section, one individual said: “Sh$t happens, everyone acted outta arrogance and rage at least once in their lifetime . . . no one knows what this man was going thru at this point of time or what transpired before this video started recording . . .”

Some family members refuted reports that Persaud attempted to take his own life after reading the “harsh” and “nasty” comments people made after looking at the video.

One relative claimed that Persaud was going through “some stuff”.

But his uncle is convinced otherwise.

Sanjay Persaud of Sanjay’s Jewellery, told this newspaper last night that after the doctored video was posted online, his nephew began to feel embarrassed and became afraid when racial and threatening comments were posted.

The businessman said that relatives had asked the person who posted it to remove the video but he refused.

“If my nephew dies, I think the person responsible should be charged with posting the video, or I will personally take legal action,” Sanjay Persaud told Kaieteur News.

Source: (Kaieteur News)

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