Trio ordered to pay compensation

Three young men from Pinelands, St Michael who burglarised a shop and stole several bottles of liquor during the Christmas season, were ordered today to repay $960 in compensation, along with court costs of $50 each.

Keshawn Leroy Greene, of #7 Shepton Lane, Darian Ronald Nurse, of Straffors Hill and Terrel Timothy Rashad Cumberbatch, of No. 2 Golden Ridge, returned to the District ‘A’ Magistrates Court for sentencing after being on remand at HMP Dodds for the past four days.

On Monday, the three confessed to entering T’s Sweet Spot as trespassers on December 23 and stealing 12 bottles of whiskey, 11 bottles of brandy, 4 bottles of Vodka, 37 bottles of rum, 24 bottles of energy drink, 2 hams, 12 lighters, 5 cartons of cigarettes and a security system belonging to Natasha Joseph. The items were worth $3111 in total.

Police investigated the matter and later found 11 bottles of Old Brigand Rum at Greene’s home and one bottle of vodka and two bottles of whiskey at Cumberbatch’s.

The facts of the case, as outlined in court, revealed that a neighbour alerted Joseph that her property had been broken into. A security camera later showed the three men inside the shop removing items.

Cumberbatch, who spearheaded the burglary, said he did so because he wanted money and he also “lick down” the security system with a stick and “throw it in the grass” because he knew it would “see” him.

The three were ordered to return to court by April 15 with evidence that the monies were paid in full; otherwise, they will have to spend two months behind bars.

Greene was represented by attorney-at-law Andrew Pilgrim QC.


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  1. jrsmith January 30, 2016 at 12:16 pm

    Let this be a lesson to all businesses, you cannot beat the cameras so long they are switch on.. don’t care how many attorneys you have , you cant beat the camera…


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