Stolen brandy costs man

COURT TODAY BLOCKA warehouse supervisor has ended up having to pay $800 for two bottles of brandy which would have cost him only $185.19 through a legal purchase.

Alistair Ricardo Harcourt Young appeared in the District ‘A’ Magistrates Court today accused of stealing the two bottles of Hennessy. He admitted committing the offence and was fined $800.

The fine has to be paid in one month. If Young does not produce a receipt as proof of payment to the court on February 26, he will go straight to jail for four months.

Young resides at #96 Dolphin Park, St Patricks, Christ Church.

Prosecuting the case, Sergeant Janice Ifill told the court that on January 28, Young went into the Warrens branch of Massy Stores Barbados Limited, headed for the alcoholic drinks section and took up the two bottles of brandy.

He placed one bottle in a bag which he had with him and the second in a trolley. Little did Young know that a security officer was watching as he removed the security sensor from that bottle and left it in the snacks aisle.

Security personnel approached Young, told him what they observed, arrested him and summoned the police.

Today, the repeat offender told Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant that he was “struggling with financial and relationship issues”. He also said he had a two-year-old child to support, so when someone offered to pay him $120 to carry out the act, he needed the money.

“I feel less than a man when I have to take hand-outs all the time,” Young said.

He further explained that stealing the brandy “was not sitting well with me”. Even as he was doing it, Young recalled that he was feeling “very nervous” and that was why he lingered in the store.

“You said you feel bad about hand-outs,” Cuffy-Sargeant said, “but my question to you is, if you felt more
of a man going to steal?”

“No. I understand what you are saying, Mam, but I just really wanted the money,” Young replied.

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  1. jrsmith January 30, 2016 at 7:38 am

    Security, was watching, this seems although we are back 50 years ago, this business ,should have cameras, its about time businesses in Barbados come out of the dark ages, fitting cameras to help they security.. which also help law enforcement, all around the develpped world ,cameras is the order of the day…


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