Security first

AG warns other areas could face cuts

Attorney General Adriel Braithwaite today warned that his Government may be forced to make further Budget cuts in areas such as health and education, while assuring that the island’s national security would not be compromised.

Addressing the launch of the Citizen Security Facilities Project, under which $67 million has been set aside for the building of new police stations and the upgrade of others, Brathwaite argued that the world had become a more dangerous place in recent years.

“The threat to our way of life today is greater now than it has ever been in our history. We are under threat of organized, trafficking of illegal drugs and guns, gangs, cyber security, financial crimes, human trafficking, smuggling and natural disasters,” he said.

“Based on the threats that Barbados faces, money would have to be diverted from our traditional areas, such as health and education, to fight crime and maintain security in Barbados,” he added.

The Attorney General further cautioned, “Barbados will never be the Barbados of 1975, of 1985, of 1995 or 2005 anymore. This is the reality we are faced with internally and externally, threats unprecedented in our history. Given what is happening regionally and globally we cannot assume that it cannot happen here in Barbados. Our economy is too fragile for us to take any chances.

“Under these circumstances, I make no apology if I signal we have to allocate more resources to fight crime and enhance security in our country,” he added.

Earlier, the Attorney General, who has responsibility for the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF), described police officers as “special people”, pointing out that they were willing to put their lives on the line 24 hours a day and seven days a week for persons they did not know.

Brathwaite also denied claims of a recent cut in the RBPF budget, explaining that while Government could not provide some “big ticket items” due to harsh economic times, the general day-to-day items were never touched.

“We said we could not compromise our security. As a Government we recognize the importance of the RBPF to the security of the island,” he said.

The Attorney General also contended that over the past few years crime on the island had not really risen, but acknowledged that the current level of gun violence was a cause for concern among law enforcement officers. 

3 Responses to Security first

  1. Tony Webster January 30, 2016 at 7:33 am

    This is serious: First. Dr. Booby in charge of Environment drops hint; now A.G. chimes -in to “massage” the picture of “things to come”; and …shootes…my gud fre’n …Hook , Lyin’ (sorry, line), and Sinker, ent even speak yet!!!!!!!! Seems like some people …cooking up a strong , hot pickle, yeh!

    Adversity …concentrates the mind so wondefully and admirably. Or, as another lesser mortal put it some time back…”Yuh cyan win an argument against arithmetic”. Even Ossie Moore might have advised ” Yuh gotta distinguish de needs…from de wants”. Muh grandmuth- no fool- woulda chipped-in to caution about “day gine run till Sincklah ketch it”

    Although my faithful 2004 Nissan Almera is working like a dream…I wants (sorry, needs) to replace it wid a 2017 ( yes, 2017 please) Benz. So look-out for a new thing on Social Media next week: “Bajan man needs help with urgent transportation needs…click here to help”. All contributors will get that warm glow from helping by “giving from de heart”…rather than experiencing that burning senasation in your veins… when such is taxed outa your wallet.

    Death…and taxes: cud take up yore last two-dollar bill, and bet on it.

  2. Sue Donym January 30, 2016 at 9:32 am

    Well, if we cut the education and health budgets enough, we will be either too stupid or too dead to know what’s going on with the crime, so AG might be onto something.

    Another suggestion would be that they cut the funds for maintenance on Ministers’ vehicles (as they seem to have done for SSA) so that the ministers would have to take the bus. Then they would get a slower, non-air conditioned trip to work and savour the sight and stench of garbage along main roads and through cart roads.

    If the Transport Board buses break down for lack of maintenance, ministers could walk and experience the natural beauty of unpaved roads and mini caves some refer to as potholes (more tourism product). On rainy days, they would see how these convert to bird baths and create opportunities for remaining drivers to splash pedestrians… this people is a true demonstration of the trickle down effect!

  3. jrsmith January 30, 2016 at 2:54 pm

    Dear, Barbados government, this is 50 years of independence, but that’s bin a failure. more serious , is Barbados ready to enter the year 51 .
    My idea , I am having a word with the Queen, to sent a group from Westminster , ASAP ,across the pond to save little England, we are hurting…


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