Conductor jailed for missing court

COURT TODAY BLOCKCaring for an ailing father was not a good enough reason for missing court for nine months.

Michael Kenneth Watson of Avis Town, St Lucy, found this out the hard way yesterday when he was jailed after he was arrested and brought to the Holetown Magistrates’ Court by marshals.

The 29-year-old had missed his court date last year. When called upon to explain his absence, his question to Magistrate Wanda Blair was: “Which matter are you talking about Mam?”

After she explained that it was the October 2014 matter of stealing a cellular phone, Watson said: “Due to the fact that I was dealing with my father, I forgot the date.”

“What does that mean?” Blair asked, “I don’t understand.”

Explaining that his dad lives alone and is not well, Watson said, “I does got to car’ food and medication and everyt’ing fuh he.”

“Which is very good,” the magistrate responded, “but what does it have to do with the court date?”

“The last time you were at court was April last year. Don’t tell me that at any point since last April, you didn’t remember you had a court date? You have to take court more seriously than that.”

Blair then imposed $100 cost forthwith for missing court, with an alternative of two days in jail. The minibus conductor did not pay it.

Shortly afterwards, the court also learnt of an unpaid $1500 fine imposed on Watson by the same court for a wounding offence. The alternative to that fine was six months behind bars.

“Well, you will deal with the consequences of that too,” the magistrate said before imprisoning the conductor.    

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