Not so fast, says FLOW

Two days ago, Irish phone company Digicel claimed that it had the fastest 4G network on island, based on a study, which it said was conducted by the US-based Brightcomms between January 5 and 12 this year.

But today it’s rival FLOW, fired back with findings of another independent study, which it said proves it has the fastest, strongest and most reliable mobile network in Barbados.

That study was conducted by MSI Americas in the latter part of 2015.

In a release this afternoon, FLOW said it came out on top after more than 43,000 samples – spanning 730km – were collected to test network coverage; more than 4,000 short calls were placed to test call setups; and approximately 39,000 samples of data downloads were compiled to test throughput.

“In the latter part of 2015, MSI Americas, an engineering consulting company based in St Petersburg, Florida, conducted an extensive and comprehensive benchmarking and Drive Test reviewing the performance of the two local networks,” the release stated.

“FLOW came out on top in almost every category, leading in RF Coverage and Capacity with 21 per cent more samples with excellent coverage when compared to Digicel, along with 21 per cent more samples of excellent 4G Throughput and 25 per cent better average speeds and higher peak speeds for data downloads,” it added.

“The results clearly demonstrate that our recent optimization and upgrade of our mobile network, which was backed by significant investment in our 4G infrastructure, has resulted in better connectivity and a better overall mobile experience for our customers,” said Niall Sheehy, managing director of FLOW Barbados.

“FLOW has taken a long-term approach to meeting the connectivity needs of our society and we were especially pleased to receive independent proof that our mobile network delivers the fastest speeds and greatest coverage in Barbados. However, our customers are the true winners here, as they are now able to reap the real-word benefits of our ultra-modern 4G network,” added Sheehy.

According to MSI Americas, FLOW also outranked Digicel in accessibility and retention with 99 per cent successful hook ups and three times as many successful transmissions.

MSI also revealed that FLOW out performed Digicel with the presence of more reliable network locations after 39,000 iterations. It was also noted that Flow provided more than 1Mbps to over 90 per cent of the island and four times as many spots with excellent network coverage when compared to Digicel.

“During the Benchmarking and Drive Test, MSI Americas recorded no dropped calls for Flow in Bridgetown and its environs,” the release added.

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