Road safety advocate wants more crossings

The Barbados Road Safety Association (BRSA) has appealed to the business community to help make the island’s roads safer by sponsoring pedestrian crossings.

BRSA President Sharmane Roland-Bowen pointed out this morning that there were enough pedestrian crossings on the nation’s roads, forcing people to “cross the road anywhere” and putting their lives at risk.

Roland-Bowen called on corporate Barbados to help pay for new zebra crossings, and the improvement old ones.

She said the association intended to paint at least 50 new zebra crossings this year.

Sharmane Roland-Bowen
Sharmane Roland-Bowen

“You as a business leader, as part of your corporate social responsibility, come on board and sponsor a pedestrian crossing. And we are not looking at those little white and red signs that we have. We are looking at something more conspicuous. We are looking at those big bold florescent yellow-green signs so that drivers would be aware when they are coming up to a pedestrian crossing . . .,” the road safety advocate said at today’s launch of the Junior Road Ranger Programme, which teaches children traffic rules, how to read signs and marking and how to travel safety in vehicles, in order to help them use the road safely.

The programme is being piloted in six primary schools  – Sharon, Roland Edwards, Arthur Smith, St Stephen’s, St Philip Primary and West Terrace Primary.

The programme started last week under the sponsorship of the Sandy Lane Charitable Trust and the BRSA head said it was already paying dividends.

Trustee with the Charitable Trust Pippa Challis said the charity often saw the long-term effects of traffic accidents through victims that approach the board members for assistance in various areas.

“We have an awful lot of fatalities on the road. It’s a very small island, I have lived here 18 years and the impact on a community when we have these tragedies is just awful.

“So it’s really refreshing for us to say well instead of dealing with the outcome of road accidents, to actually start an initiative where we can start influencing and affecting as many children as possible,” Challis said.

Twenty-four students were chosen from each school to participate in the programme. They, in turn, are expected to train other rangers. (AH)

2 Responses to Road safety advocate wants more crossings

  1. jrsmith January 24, 2016 at 4:24 pm

    You must ,consult the priminister, and his ever so clever bunch, who is making Barbados a laughing stock… the business community , need to sort themselves out, securing they businesses with cameras everywhere…

  2. jrsmith January 24, 2016 at 4:35 pm

    All, we need in Barbados ,is cameras everywhere, a study show , one camera operating 24 hours a day , strategy placed, is worth 7,5 policemen.. because of the efficiency.. simple… in most developed countries, simple rules and regulation is applied and works very well, but to try the same in Barbados , it means the end of the world.. @ hal A, on the button , must further add , stop , search and seizure..


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