No 50th splurge

The Minister in charge of the State’s purse says he is not in a position to say precisely how much Government is spending on this year’s 50th Independence anniversary celebrations.

But if there is one thing Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler is clear about, it is that “there will not be a splurge and there has not been a splurge”.

He was reacting to criticisms of the January 6 launch of Golden Jubilee celebrations, which are due to climax on November 30.

While insisting, “nobody can tell you how much money Government is really spending”, Sinckler asked: “So how much is too much?

“If you don’t know what the figure is, how could you know that it is too much?” he stressed.

However, in defence of the Government’s jubilee year programme, he pointed out that “you don’t reach 50 years of Independence everyday and when you do you are not going to reach it again.”

In fact, “you are 50 and then you move on,” he said, while stating that ministries, including the national Independence Secretariat, had been made to understand that the country was within financial constraints and therefore “we have to tailor-make what we are doing to suit the circumstances and not to go on a splurge”.

He said ministries were further advised that whatever celebrations were held this year must fall within their regular budgets.

“So if the Ministry of Sports and Culture [is] doing something that they don’t go off and set up a whole new set of stuff . . . . Whatever they are doing, whether it is Crop Over, that you brand 50th and you work within the context of what you already have. And that is what we are doing in terms of the Estimates which would be presented to Parliament,” Sinckler stressed.


3 Responses to No 50th splurge

  1. Sue Donym January 21, 2016 at 8:48 am

    Show us the money!
    Can’t say how much is budgeted to be spent. This finance minister is sounding more like someone who came into a large fortune than a responsible administrator of public funds.

    Have these ministers become so comfortable with non-disclosure that they are now freely flaunting their arrogance? Do they really see nothing wrong with saying you can’t criticize if you can’t prove it… and the reason you can’t prove it is because we won’t tell you?

    They will (in their time) bring estimates to parliament. Will the lesser mortals who supply this money get any opportunity to say “yea” or “nay” to any of this? I mean, do you think we will get a little look in when the vote is on for “Sparkle vs School Supplies” or “Masquerade vs Medical Equipment”; “Wuk up vs Water”… anything? Or do we already know how it will go if the choice is between resurfacing Two Mile Hill (again) for dignitaries and rehabilitating White Hill or resiting the residents?

  2. Dave January 21, 2016 at 12:04 pm

    We have to celebrate. Of course!! But it is your duty to at least give us an estimate of expenses. It is our money you are spending; it is not yours. Don’t ever forget that!!

  3. Tony Waterman January 21, 2016 at 5:56 pm

    You all are more foolish than i first suspected, if the Minister tells us up front how much he is going to spend on the 50th celebrations, there will be no room for Leakage, but if he does not tell, then he come come after the fact and say to us I Spent $0?.000.000 and we will never be able to see the receipts for what was spent.
    The man may be a lot of things, but he is NO Fool.


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