Jam done!

Christ Church carnival cut from crop over calender

The revelry and festivities associated with Crop Over will be absent from Christ Church this year as the carnival there has been silenced.

Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley has announced its cancellation, explaining that the police were “gravely concerned” about the level of violence associated with the event.

“We have taken that advice and will not have a Christ Church carnival this year. The National Cultural Foundation is contemplating doing an activity that involves the schools which will entail creativity and costume design and perhaps have an event with the schools,” Lashley said.

However, he promised that the carnival was not off the calendar for good.

The cancellation of the Christ Church carnival was one of several changes to Crop Over announced on Friday night by the minister at the launch of Crop Over 2016 at Ilaro Court.

New also this year is a Monarchs in Mas show on Sunday July 31 as a substitute for the One Love show, which replaced Cohoblopot last year.

Minister of Sports Stephen Lashley.
Minister of Sports Stephen Lashley.

“Last year the One Love show took the place of Cohoblopot and we have not yet heard from the organizers of One Love what they will be doing so we have gone ahead and put on the Monarchs in Mas Sunday July 31st,” Lashley said, adding that it would mimic the Cohoblopot format but would also feature the kings and queens of the bands and other elements.

“Every band has a king and queen and the costumes are elaborate and I want to use that show highlight that.”

He also announced new venues for the Pic-O-De-Crop semifinals and the Junior Calypso Monarch semifinals and final due to renovation of the Garfield Sobers Gymnasium.

“For 2016, to quell the debate, we will have a Pic-O-De-Crop semi-final, with two songs being performed, but this time at a new venue – Kensington Oval . . . this year, the Pic-O-De-Crop semis and final and for the first time the Junior Calypso Monarch final will be held at Kensington Oval. ” Lashley said.

The Junior Monarch semifinals will be held at Derrick Smith School in Lears, St Michael.  (DB)

5 Responses to Jam done!

  1. Menace II Babylon January 19, 2016 at 5:56 am

    So Peter pays for Paul. Rather than announcing a more visible police presence which will incorporate members of the BDF with a no tolerance stance on anti social behavior you cancel poor people things. If it was an even your cash crop tourist attended you would have beefed it up.

  2. J. Payne January 19, 2016 at 6:00 am

    Crime is here to stay. Look how much drugs/guns there is on the street. Plus this administration refuses to get serious wid criminals. They expect a different outcome?

  3. Mac . Donald January 19, 2016 at 12:19 pm

    It’s about time Minister Lashley ! ! Bajans go into denial very quickly when you try to criticize their ” Beautiful Barbados. ” their are always using “the “cliche excuse ” . . . . . ” But you can’t compare B’dos to Trinidad and Jamaica and Guyana , look how bad crime is in those other Islands ”

    The Gov. strategy : (a) Keep telling Bajans that B’dos is the most beautiful country in the world and that a record number of tourist will be visiting B’dos every year.

    (b) Keep on pushing crop over and Rhianna

    (c) Their is no serious crime in B’dos , while at the same time B’dos is being sold out to the rich foreigners.

    BTW: a recent report released siad that Guyana is now the fastest growing country in the Caribbean ( SA ). . dah fa lick ya !

    (c) Their is no seroious crime in B’dos

  4. Tony Waterman January 20, 2016 at 1:05 am

    @Menace II Babylon!!!! If the Poor People had any Manners this would not have happened, why can’t you put the blame where the blame lies. right st the feet of the Bad Mannered Poor People.

    @Mac . Donald!!!! I wish that People including YOU, would stop saying stuff like this.

    ” But you can’t compare B’dos to Trinidad and Jamaica and Guyana , look how bad crime is in those other Islands ”

    “Their is no seroious crime in B’dos”

    Crime Statistics are Compiled according to population size, and if you compare the Population of T&T , Jamaica, and Barbados one should get a Clearer picture of Crime when compared against these Regional Neighbours.It should also give us a sense of how Serious Crime is in Barbados, and in which direction (Up/Down) it is going.one has to figure out the % per 100.00 inhabitands before one can say if Crime is Good or bad, up or Down

    ” But you can’t compare B’dos to Trinidad and Jamaica and Guyana , look how bad crime is in those other Islands ”

    This is a very Dangerous statement to make, because it can foster Complacency, something that no one can afford in Todays World.

  5. Menace II Babylon January 25, 2016 at 6:38 am

    Tony Waterman, I’ve been to quite a few international carnivals from Bim, to Vinci Mass, Jukano in Bahamas, Mass in TNT, to Batanoo in Caymans. They were all derived from a celebration of the poor, paying homage to the end of crop with strong slavery ancestral links or have strong religious themes. That is just a jump up thing they cancel and i hold firm by the comment i made.

    In every country you get 40-50 arrests on those days due to antic social behaviour, cannabis, offensive weapons and a murder or two etc. Even in Nottinghill they had over 400 arrests and that was not a big crowd. This is not new.

    What makes a country think that you cant govern and police your people. It just calls for adequate policing. Is it resources? Everything is cost but it is interest rather than resources. The country has nothing to gain or lose with the cancellation of such an event.

    Every other country makes provisions for these events which entails added security and an army presence. We at war? They must be so busy walking bout digging up man plants that to spare a few trucks and keep the people in tow is so unthinkable. Too much logistics to drive less that 10 miles, get out walk the lines and look for offenders. Get back in and drive and go back on base by Garrsion. Easy peasy as I can assure people fear the BDF more than they do the RBPF.

    Not jus us, every single CARICOM country provides a high level of security with armed presence to enforce the law. Do you attend carnivals Tony Waterman? What have you seen?

    Poor People and bad manners you better off staying at home and watching it on TV in case you mistakenly step on one of the poor bad mannered folk toe and you know how those things end up.

    The same poor people are not all bad as you make futile attempts to tarnish the lower and middle class of society with your morality stick. It is a poor people thing and if it had any Caucasian tourist or a few Swedes, Austrians or Germans was about there, made a few comments on Trip Advisor how fantastic the experience was as BTA always watching, you would see the government spring into action. If any Caucus was involved them aint cancelling nothing.

    Society has changed worldwide and it amazes me when people say, back in the days you aint had to lock your house, back in the days your neighbor was this and would do this, back in the days…..this aint back in the days. Not all of use are hooligans and robbers. You pass turn up your nose at areas or here people say that was always this way or that. Not everyone is bad mannered poor people. We poor but live good. May not associate or get on with my bordering neighbors but these things come and go. Trust me as I am one and where I come from from we still assist the elderly, we still give up seats for the disabled and those less fortunate, we still say morning, afternoon and good night in walking into places of business…..we still on the block and mums or dads pass we still take their groceries home or send the little ones……. just dont partake in folly and entertain stupidity on most blocks.

    Some people need a rocket ship to go live on that magical place, no crime, no folly, and everyone gets along. Check Richard Branson as he doing his interstellar galactic thing…..as no Bad mannered poor people up there.


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