‘Wash your hands of drugs!’

COURT TODAY BLOCKDarian Orlando Anderson Yearwood got a lifeline from a Bridgetown Magistrate yesterday in the form of a suspended sentence.

The 24-year-old, who resides at Princess Royal Avenue, Pine, St Michael, admitted to the District ‘A’ Magistrates Court that he had cannabis and apparatus which he intended to use in connection with the drug on Wednesday.

Magistrate Douglas Frederick also read five other traffic charges to Yearwood but those were transferred to the District ‘A’ Traffic Court for a January 19 appearance.

While Yearwood was driving along in a vehicle on January 13 police stopped him and he seemed fidgety and nervous. He consented to a search which police requested and a small amount of marijuana was found on him.

When they later executed a search warrant at Yearwood’s home, a coffee grinder was found with cannabis residue inside. He begged the lawmen for a break but admitted using the apparatus “to cut up my weed”.

Addressing the court on behalf of the accused, attorney-at-law Mohia Ma’at asked that Yearwood be credited for his “early guilty plea and for not wasting judicial time”.

Despite Yearwood’s previous convictions, Ma’at reminded Magistrate Frederick that it was the first drug offence and the amount involved was small. Ma’at also apologised to the court on Yearwood’s behalf.

Magistrate Frederick eventually gave Yearwood three months in prison, suspended for six months. He was initially minded to fine Yearwood, until the convicted man said he had not worked since 2013. The father of one went on to say that he sells snacks sometimes.

While encouraging Yearwood to develop his business, the magistrate also advised him that “it is time that you wash your hands of this drug thing and do something useful. Let me see if you can behave yourself for six months.”

Yearwood was convicted, reprimanded and discharged for having the apparatus, but not before the magistrate explained to him that any future offence during that period will mean an automatic jail term.

“And you’d better throw away those things (apparatus) when you get home. Not this one though because you’re not getting that back.”

Yearwood will appear in the District ‘A’ Traffic Court on January 19, in relation to the five traffic violations which police also charged him with on the same January 13 occasion.

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