Hands off Mia and the BLP

Declaring that he was back and full of energy, former Minister of Housing Delilse Bradshaw has sent a strong warning that he was not prepared to sit idly by and watch opponents of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) destroy “this great party”.

In an address on Sunday night at a BLP St Philip West constituency branch meeting at Princess Margaret Secondary School, the former parliamentarian pledged his support for Opposition Leader Mia Mottley, who has been under pressure in recent weeks for her handling of the row with Member of Parliament for Christ Church West Dr Maria Agard.

“Those who want to see Mia Mottley and the Labour Party fail, Bradshaw on their trail. I still have the energy. Mia Mottley, I don’t want you to carry the fight to anybody; Bradshaw will take it on for you,” the former BLP politician warned.

“[A] caution to those who set about deliberately to destruct this great party. I believe in this heart that Mia Amor Mottley is the best-qualified person in this country to run this country.”

An energized Bradshaw, who suffered a minor stroke during the last general election, led a direct attack on former BLP leader and Prime Minister Owen Arthur, who he accused of deliberately hurting the party.

Arthur’s relationship with Mottley has been less than cordial, and in taking Dr Agard’s side in the fight with the BLP, he recently referred to Mottley, who succeeded him at the helm of the party, as a despot.

“I am the one that recommended that Owen Arthur be the leader of the Barbados Labour Party, you never knew that? It is Deslile Othneil Bradshaw  . . . how do you expect me to sit down and see the very man that I was there for cause you a lot of pain and concern?”

The former MP for St Michael South East, currently represented by his daughter Santia Bradshaw, hinted that Arthur has had difficulty letting go.

The former Prime Minister quit the BLP in July 2014, claiming the party had lost its way and its soul and was in danger of becoming a “megalomania” party. And although he sits as an Independent MP, he has said he did not plan to contest the next general election.

This, however, did not prevent Bradshaw from taking a shot at him, suggesting Arthur lacked magnanimity.

“I have already passed on the baton to my daughter Santia. Passing on the baton, you don’t turn back to reverse it, you have to be magnanimous. You pass it on, you nurture your successor, you must be responsible,” he charged.

“I will not allow them or sit idly by and allow them to sink a boat that my daughter Santia Bradshaw is on.” 

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