Best warned to be on best behaviour

COURT TODAY BLOCKAfter Sean Dale Best today confessed to having a run-in with a security guard at Massy Stores last Thursday, Magistrate Christopher Birch urged him to be on his best behaviour in the future.

Best was also handed a six-month sentence, which was suspended for 18 months. Should he get through those 18 months without facing the law courts, no conviction will be recorded against him.

“The same politeness you have shown me here this morning, I want you to show that to the whole world,” Birch told the accused.

The magistrate was speaking to Best in the District ‘C’ Magistrates Court after he admitted using threatening words to a guard at the Massy premises at Southern Plaza, Welches, Christ Church.

Sergeant Azel Skeete told the court that on January 7, the guard, Heather King-Jones, saw Best sitting close to a skip at the back of the premises. She told him that he was not allowed to be there and he took up a rock and threatened to “lick her to **** down.”

The guard then asked him to leave the compound and as Best did so, he threw the stone away.

Best explained that he was going to search through the skip to find items which could be useful to him and the rock he took up was a small one.

He apologised “for threatening the woman” and reminded the court that he complied when asked to leave the premises. Furthermore, Best insisted that he never hit the guard and it was “just a verbal confrontation.”

“I got steel in my foot. If yuh push me too hard, I gine fall down. I can’t fight. I comply,” he added.

Magistrate Birch reminded Best that he cannot “go on people’s premises and behave as you please.” He added: “I am not going to ban you from Massy but you have to go there to shop, not scavenge.”

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