Study of White Hill road cracks

Technical staff from the Ministry of Transport and Works are expected to carry out a scientific study of the temporary road at White Hill, St Andrew following the appearance of cracks in the road.

And Minister of Transport and Works Michael Lashley has assured residents that he is expected to receive a report in two to three weeks.

The St Philip North MP made these disclosures last night while addressing the monthly meeting of the St Michael East branch of the Democratic Labour Party at the St Giles Primary School, the Ivy, St Michael.

Lashley said the cracks were likely due to the “settling down” of the newly laid road surface.

He said that having constructed the access road, his ministry was preparing a Cabinet paper on the options available to Government.

Work began on the temporary road shortly before Christmas last year, more than a year after heavy rains caused extensive land slippage, damaging the road making it impassable, and affecting a number of houses; and
a year after the road was condemned, grinding traffic
to a halt.

Lashley made it clear at the time that the $200,000 project was only a temporary solution and that a company was on a Government contract conducting some “test holes” that would inform a permanent solution.

One Response to Study of White Hill road cracks

  1. Tony Waterman January 13, 2016 at 1:50 am

    I am going to assume here that due to the quickness in the Constructing of this access Road, no “GABIONS” were used, and as such CRACKS AND SLIPPAGE WILL occour on this $200.000 Waste of Scarce Funds. this Road was only Constructed to Stop the incessant calls for relief for the people in this Community.


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