Illegal dumpers ordered to cease and desist

The people behind the recent illegal dumping of molasses and other waste have been ordered to stop immediately. And health officials have warned that those who fail to comply will face the courts for their transgressions.

The issue was brought to light after Barbados TODAY reported in July on an unsightly scene of refuse including coconut shells, used tyres, the skeletal remains of a butchered cow, burnt plastic bottles, withered shrubs, barrels bearing the names of persons who did not reside in the parish and rubble from construction sites in Bucks, St Thomas.

It exploded further last month when Barbados TODAY again discovered waste from the Elegant Hotel Group, Lanterns Mall and Sunbury Plantation, again at Bucks.  It included freshly dumped chicken entrails and feathers, car tyres, coconut shells and discarded televisions. Quality Business Services was identified as the main culprit on that occasion.

Several other districts have since reported similar concerns, and today Acting Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr Kenneth George told reporters on the sidelines of a press briefing called by Minister of Health John Boyce to update the country on the Zika and H1N1 viruses, that those who have already been identified have been given ten days to stop the illegal dumping.

The CMO described the indiscriminate disposal of contaminated molasses at sites in St Stephens, Black Rock, St Michael; Harlington, St. Philip and Mount Wilton, St Thomas as totally unacceptable and warned that the Ministry would use the full force of the Nuisance Act to prosecute those who continue the illicit practice.

Dr George also promised that environmental health officers would be out in the field to ensure there was compliance with the orders, adding that the Town and Country Development Planning Office was also working with the Ministry of Health to address the illegal dumping issue.

Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr Kenneth George
Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr Kenneth George

Earlier during the press briefing Boyce warned that Government was taking strong measures to tackle illegal dumping.  He did not elaborate.

Acting Deputy Chief Environmental Officer Francine Bascombe also revealed that health officials were trying to identify everyone behind the illegal dumping so they could discuss the best way to dispose of their waste. (EJ)

5 Responses to Illegal dumpers ordered to cease and desist

  1. Philip Matthews
    Philip Matthews January 9, 2016 at 7:13 am

    stop talking and enforce the Blasted Laws, Littering and Dumping is against the law I have yet to see someone prosecuted and the whole Island filthy, and Drunk Driving, When is that going to be enforced?

  2. Philip Matthews
    Philip Matthews January 9, 2016 at 7:17 am

    I wonder when you going to stop the Farm upwind of me from killing me with all the pesticide and Herbicide Spraying they do

  3. jrsmith January 10, 2016 at 12:53 pm

    All we get is talk, talk, all around the world we have cameras upon cameras , easy evidence , cell phone is used to help , law enforcement , traffic , and what so ever, why bajans go on and on , why are they scared to gather the evidence ,and pass this on to the government, to prosecute the culprits… but again you cannot expect the politicians to prosecute they friends , who reign supreme above the law,,

    The health officials ,know who they are the culprits, but scared to name them, also identifying the vehicles. every body in management seems scared to do the good and honest thing.. do they jobs… EVERYTHING SEEMS SO FALSE, WHY WORRY…

  4. jrsmith January 10, 2016 at 1:08 pm

    All we get is talk ,talk.. around the world , its so easy to gather evidence, for anything , most people gather camera evidence , photograph the vehicles, pass this information to the whom because this would not be acted upon, and would go missing in hours. what seems so false, officials know who is doing the dumping, where the molasses , coming from and who owns the tank, but are scared to name ,names and let the bajan public know who the culprits are…

    But this is our failing , them and us , the culprits , have they friends in high places.. so don’t expect any prosecutions, this would pass in 1 week ,that will be the end of it…as like everything else …the flags will come out and the hand shakes…

  5. Tony Webster January 11, 2016 at 6:04 am

    @JRS & PM…couldn’t agree more! ‘smatter of fact, we might end up getting a Nobel for the bestest little developing country , for talking; putting things “on de table’; putting plans “in de pipeline” (where water normally resides) ; things “on the cards”; putting things “in the works”; “looking into” things (like a potty full of stuff)…when the gorilliphant just stepped right into the stuff and didn’t see it.

    The best I can do to focus attention to the perils ahead, born of incompetence, doan-carishness, and sheer neglect..…to draw attention to the many scars, boils, acne, on the fair face of Barbados ( not to mention a whore’s load of whore’s load of make-up that’s tossed-out on TV-8 to cover it all up)…is this simple question:-
    What kind of Barbados do they expect to leave for their children…and ours?

    Nota bene: this question is redundant, if these high and mighty folks…already have plans to migrate to some civilized country, with their family, and with any filthy lucre that accidentally might have stuck to their hands.

    Leadership? I pray daily for dem… for this country….and I still got belly-hurt!


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