Old Year’s Night Beach Party


Barbadians and visitors gathered on the south side last night to camp out, eat, sing, dance and laugh their way into the New Year.

Pulled by the twin attractions of the a New Year’s Eve concert sponsored by the Ministry of Social Care, and the traditional fireworks display outside Needham’s Point and along Pebbles and Browne’s Beach, thousands braved the light showers for a chance to embrace and greet 2016.
01-01-16 It was a joy -waiting in rain- Photo 9,B 01-01-16 It was a joy -Cherice Richards- Photo 10 01-01-16 It was a joy -waiting in rain- Photo 9,C 01-01-16 It was a joy -waiting in rain- Photo 9 01-01-16 It was a joy -beach fire- Photo 4,B

While some fed a rip-roaring fire on Pebbles Beach with old wooden pallets, comedian Mac Fingall provided entertainment, heard and enjoyed by not only the crowd at the Bay Street Esplanade, but the multitude of families and friends camped out on the two beaches.

The staccato of fireworks, seemingly reaching the sky and spreading over the sea from the Hilton to Pebbles and Browne’s Beach, lit up the entire Carlisle Bay to the squeals of joy from onlookers presented a fitting climax.

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