‘I blanked out’

Wanted man owns up to stealing two snakes and a cell

COURT TODAY BLOCKThe fact that police described wanted man Romeo Dwight Yarde as ‘armed and dangerous’, led him to commit unlawful acts.

That was Yarde’s excuse to Magistrate Douglas Frederick when he appeared in the District ‘A’ Magistrates Court this morning to answer two charges of theft.

Yarde, who has no fixed place of abode, was sentenced to six months in prison after pleading guilty to stealing one cell phone valued $1049 from Pro Sales and two ball python snakes valued $4600 belonging to Gerry Boyce.

Both incidents occurred on December 4, 2015.


Magistrate Frederick sentenced him to three months in prison for both charges. The sentences will run consecutively.

When asked to give his reason for committing the offences, Yarde said after being told that his picture was “all over Facebook” and that he was listed as ‘armed and dangerous’, his brain just “went blank”.

“When I heard about me being armed and dangerous my mind went blank. I’m known to the court for cases with women and thing, but not for no guns. I don’t harm anybody,” he explained.

“From the time I heard that, I didn’t feel like I could get a job with my face all over Facebook and Whatsapp and social media, so that is why I do these things.”

While Frederick applauded him for showing remorse and not wasting the court’s time by pleading guilty, he told him that nothing else but a custodial sentence would suffice.

“I have to send you to prison. The question is, for how long?” he said just before handing down his sentence.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Neville Watson told the court that on the day in question Yarde entered Pro Sales at Lakes Folly, the City around 1:12 p.m. and asked a sales assistant to see a Samsung S5 cellular phone.

When the employee turned to help another customer, he placed the phone in his pocket and exited the store.

Later on in the evening around 7 p.m., Yarde and Boyce – a longtime friend – went to Lucky Horseshoe, Warrens, to do a photo shoot with the two snakes.

After the photo shoot, Boyce left and told Yarde to hold on to the snakes for him until he returned, but by the time he came back, Yarde and the snakes were gone.

He made repeated attempts to call Yarde, but to no avail. He reported the matter to the police and the next day they held Yarde with the snakes in Clapham, where they arrested and charged him.

3 Responses to ‘I blanked out’

  1. jrsmith December 31, 2015 at 7:18 am

    This is the quality criminal ,which is bred in Barbados, stealing snakes and cell phones , because , he was a wanted man,

    Dear , MR, Romeo Dwight Yarde, your brains went blank, what brains, which brain, you should have been given at least one year at DODDS, all you had to do , give yourself up. you are just like all the other wankers, think you would get away with it. you are all forgetting ,you have the wrong faces.

  2. Angela Maria
    Angela Maria December 31, 2015 at 8:25 am

    Wait..all I want to know is what this jackass do with the two snakes he carry way. He ain’t let dem go, nuh? All a wanna so who breeding and raising snakes as pets want a big hug…by a hungry, boa constrictor.

  3. Empresz Jana
    Empresz Jana December 31, 2015 at 10:23 am

    Lol silly yung man .but tht annoys me thy put most these youngsters arm and dangerous whn some may not me . God don’t sleep tho


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