Father’s call

incarcerated dad to determine guardianship of child

The Child Care Board (CCB) is to determine who will be given guardianship of the four-month-old child of slain mother Cally-Ann Gill of Crab Hill, St Lucy, who was stabbed to death last Wednesday evening.

Acting CCB Director Denise Nurse told Barbados TODAY that the child protection agency was currently taking care of the baby and that the child was doing well.

“The police brought the child to the Child Care Board and what we have to do now is liaise with family members. We would have to do our investigations and the decision would have to be made in the best interest of the child. The child is doing very well,” Nurse said.

Gill, 35, a mother of seven, died at her Niles Road, Farm Road, St Peter home. Her boyfriend Alliston Greaves appeared in the Holetown Magistrates Court today, charged with her murder and was remanded to jail until January 25.

Gill’s sister Crystal, who had indicated that she wanted the baby reunited with family, told Barbados TODAY that she visited the CCB where she was advised that Greaves, the father of six of the seven children, would have a say in the Board’s final decision.

“The children [at] home want to know where the baby is and when he coming home. Dem asking, ‘where mummy baby’ and I told them, ‘I will look for mummy baby and let them know where mummy baby is’. I did what I promised them and went to the Child Care Board,” Gill explained.

Crystal said she was satisfied with the warm response she received from officials at the CCB, particularly Nurse, who explained the protocol that would be followed.


“The lady was very nice and she talked to me about what will happen from now on. She said they have to talk to the father because he still has rights. I just hope that when they talk to him I hope he thinking clearly.

Crystal Gill
Crystal Gill

“I just want the baby back with the rest of the children. Even if they don’t give him to me, give him to the grandmother. I would help out and other family want to help out,” she insisted.

Meanwhile, Nurse explained that the state agency visited the children’s paternal grandmother Althea Hinds, who indicated that she would continue to take care of the children, most of whom she has cared for from the time they were babies. Gill’s eldest child, an 11-year-old boy, has a different father.

“The paternal grandmother indicated that she is keeping her grandchildren and we will now liaise with the different agencies. We will try and put whatever support system we have in place to help. We can’t just pick up people’s children like that. We are not in the business of taking children from their families. We know our job and we do it to the best of our ability,” Nurse said.


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  1. Sue Donym December 29, 2015 at 7:21 am

    Subtitle: … dad to determine guardianship…
    Article first line: … The Child Care Board is to determine who will be given guardianship…
    Last line: We know our job and we do it to the best of our ability…

  2. Ormond Mayers December 29, 2015 at 8:07 am

    At last the Child Care Board is living up to its’ responsibility and acting in the best interest of the baby. It is unfortunate, those children are exposed to the horrible behaviour of both parents. The recent violence engaged in by school children, is a reflection of the poor family environments which these children are a product of. Hope the children are counsel and given all the professional help.


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