GUYANA – Bloody Sunday

Two dead, three injured after fight over woman

GEORGETOWN –– Two men are now dead after a row reportedly over a woman turned ugly outside a popular Manchester, Corentyne nightspot on Sunday night.

The two dead men are Mark Simon of Liverpool, Corentyne, and his friend Kempton Gray of Alness, also on the Corentyne.

Dead are Mark Simon (left) and Kempton Gray.

Simon was hacked to death outside the nightspot during the brawl. But although Gray was present during the brawl, the circumstances surrounding his death,a few hours later, are unclear.

Three other persons were hospitalized. They are Bhiron Robertson, called “Bouse”, 31, and Samuel Fraser, called “Charlie”, 32, both of Liverpool, and Gary Tyndall of Courtland, Corentyne.

According to information the fight broke out between the now dead Mark Simon and Bhiron Robertson who were both involved in a relationship with a woman called Ann, or “Fluffy Tail”, of Alness.

The woman, it is understood, had a relationship with Robertson before moving on to Simon. She subsequently left Simon and went back to Robertson.

During the night she was reportedly partying with her old “fling” Simon, when Robertson turned up around 11:30 p.m.

A heated argument ensued and both men armed themselves, Simon with a cutlass and Robertson with a knife. They began inflicting injuries on each other, forcing other persons to intervene, some to part while others joined in the fight.

Simon reportedly bled profusely from his injuries and died on his way to the hospital.

His rival was chopped about his body and is in a critical condition in the New Amsterdam Hospital.

Gray who was part of the melee reportedly assisted in taking Simon to the Port Mourant Hospital.

At the hospital, he was reportedly pointed out to the police as one of the persons involved in the fight.

Gray, obviously wanting to avoid being taken into custody, hurriedly left the hospital.

It is believed that he was attacked while heading home early after the incident.

No one could say exactly how Gray got his injuries but investigators revealed that they got a call from an unknown caller, informing them that an injured man was in a yard at Clifton.

When they went to the yard they found Gray lying on a step in the yard with injuries to his body and breathing faintly. He was rushed to the hospital by the police.

Gray’s father Garfield told this newspaper that he was at home when he received a call from his son, informing him about the brawl.

The man said that his son also informed him that he was leaving the hospital since he was fearful of being attacked or arrested.

The elder Gray stated that sometime around 2 a.m. he received another call from his son who told him that he was in the vicinity of Tain and Bloomfield and was coming home. The man said that he told his son: “Boy, suppose something happen to you?”

He subsequently got a call around 5 a.m. that the ambulance had just taken his son to the hospital and that “he deh bad”.

The man said that his son succumbed not long after.

He stated that when he visited the mortuary he observed that his son had a stab wound to his abdomen, a cut on his hand and a blow to the back of his head.

Police are questioning one of the injured men who they believe could shed some light on how Gray met his death.

At Simon’s home, his family declined to comment. They received a call about the incident and subsequently learnt of his death.

Source: (Kaieteur News)

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