Wait is over for car dealer

Used car importer Bertram Jones is going to have a merry Christmas after all.

After six frustrating months trying to get Customs to resolve an issue that led to the detention of 47 vehicles at the Bridgetown Port, the director of Bargain Motors was finally able to begin clearing them on Tuesday.

Twenty eight were released over the past two days and he expects to transport the remaining 19 by next week.

But Jones, whose plight was highlighted in Barbados TODAY two weeks ago, is concerned that a similar problem will arise again. He explained that the issue which almost caused the closure of his business is still unresolved.

Businessman Bertram Jones is unable to get his cars out of the port.
Businessman Bertram Jones

“The crux of this matter was that the Customs computer system was showing a shortfall in our payments when we were fully paid up,” he told Barbados TODAY.

“If this matter is not resolved, we could very well be facing a repeat of the situation in the future.”

However, he believes he has identified a way to prevent a recurrence.

“I have suggested to them how to solve this problem. This issue can be solved easily by using a certain customs officer who is fully trained in ASYCUDA [Automated System for Customs Data] computer management. This officer used to solve similar problems in the past. However, he was deployed elsewhere, where he is now checking bags.”

Jones, a doctoral candidate in management, leadership, and organizational systems, said he was grateful to Barbados TODAY, the Nation Publishing Company, and everyone else who contributed in any way to helping him clear the vehicles.

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  1. Tony Waterman December 26, 2015 at 2:14 pm

    The Barbados Governments (All of them, D or B) has a perennial problem with putting workers where they can do the best in expediting things, and for one reason or the other, they always seem to under utilise staff, even back in the day when i did Custom Clearences, there was a Medium to upper level Customs Officer who was sent to Canada to the Customs training center for a Course, he came back to Barbados after doing extremely well in that course, and was pro,ptly sent to the Education Department, Nothing that he had learned about Customs in Canada was passed on to anyone.
    Hopefully someone with Authority reads these Comments, and take your suggestion, seems to me to be the way to stop this problem from reoccouring.
    Good Luck to you, and may your 2016 be Better

  2. dave December 27, 2015 at 1:36 am

    Tony !
    Ah really wonder boy –‘Civil’ Servants are a different breed boy, especially the senior ‘Civil’ Servants. They are so ignorant hear –cheese on bredders man. The things that go on in the Public Service would grow yuh head. And the narrative created and fed to the Political Directorate who believe everything a Head of Department tell them -it is awesomely bad. The situation is really bad. The Public Service–Civil Service really needs revamping . Too many sickass people , psychos . if yuh ask me. The General Secretary of the NUPW was just here in BT complaining about them Heads of Department especially. It is time that the Public Service modernized . Some really stupid selfish decisions are made by a lot of small minded petty people with world views as tiny as a needle eye who occupy the top positions as Heads of Departments. Most of them do not know what they are doing , cannot make a decision and tow the line even when they know what they are doing is wrong -But let me tell you something when it comes to victimization, nastiness, undermining and causing ordinary folk pain and suffering, they are very adept at that. Well the Ministers are taking notice of BT -Barbados Today but one wonders if the Prime Minister reads Reports, Newspapers, Online News Sources such as BT or listen to the ordinary folk and read their letters sent to him.

    The complaint made in this article about the senior Civil Servant who sent the Officer in question away from the job he is supposed to do with ASYCUDA should be investigated and that senior civil whether it is the Controller of Customs or who should be transferred immediately . The complaint can be made about Government Ministers too so one has no one to complain to because the same foolishness that the Head of the Customs Department did to the Officer in question is the same thing that the Government Ministers and their cronies are doing to others so we aint no way.

  3. dave December 27, 2015 at 1:56 am

    I have seen and heard complaints from Persons who have written letters to the Prime Minister, to Ministers , to Heads of Departments and to other “Civil Servants/ Public Servants and have not even received not even an acknowledgement. In the age of emails that require a click of a mouse to respond, they pretend that e-mails have no merit and they play that they have not received the e-mails but we know better . A lot of the persons at the Head of the Public Service should be replaced . It is time that somebody take responsibility in the Public Service and stop hiding behind outdated rules . Some of the biggest dodgers in the world are the senior people in the Barbados Public Service. Why yuh think everything takes so long, small issues become big problems, routine things become major challenges and it is so hard to do business in Barbados ? Ignorant Heads and senior public officers most of them who think that a degree is all – that that is the be all and end all –after that they dont care about nobody, Sad really really Sad. The Political Directorate is a big joke too . May the Father Help Us !!!


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