Jealous fit

Thompson fined for slapping his ex-boyfriend

COURT TODAY BLOCKJason Antonio Thompson got so outraged seeing his ex-boyfriend chatting with another man, he slapped him around his head.

However, his actions landed him before the law court on Christmas Eve, and he was forced to part ways with $250.

The 28-year-old bartender of Lot 4C, Ferniehurst, Black Rock, St Michael pleaded guilty to assaulting Nathaniel Griffith yesterday when he appeared before Magistrate Douglas Frederick at the District ‘A’ Magistrates Court today.

According to police prosecutor Sargeant Martin Rock, Thompson was at a party when he saw Griffith speaking with another man. He approached Griffith and told him to end the conversation, before walking away.

However, when Thompson returned, his ex-boyfriend was still engrossed in conversation.

He became annoyed and slapped Griffith at the back of his head.

In his defence,Thompson told the court his ex-boyfriend was “playing with his emotions and that led to him becoming enraged and slapping him”.

Shortly before ordering him to pay $250 cost to the court, Magistrate Frederick warned Thompson to curb his aggressive behaviour.

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