BMA’s get 2015 going!

The year 2015, in entertainment, was without doubt an eventful and a memorable one. We experienced many milestones and celebrated much. While they are still some concerns

with regard to the cultural industries, this year was still a good one and worth remembering.

It started off with a bang, literally at the Tenth Annual Barbados Music Awards. We welcomed Hollywood hottie Boris Kodjoe as the host of the awards, and he was nothing short of amazing. The ladies were swooning and hanging on to his every word.

While on the island, Boris took some time out to talk to Bajan Vibes about his charities, which he is
very passionate about.

He and his wife actress Nicole Ari Parker founded the charity Sophie’s Voice Foundation, after their first daughter Sophie was born with spina bifida.

Boris explained to Bajan Vibes what it was all about and what they are strongly advocating.

“My daughter Sophie was born with spina bifida which is a birth defect that affects about eight children a day in the United States. The lower extremities are affected. No bladder and bowel function and it’s 75 per cent preventable by folic acids.

“A lot of women don’t know that. So by adding folic acids to flour, they ingest it automatically and are protected and that’s what we are advocating for in Africa,” he stated.

What we also learnt is that Boris doesn’t just look calm cool and collected; he definitely is. And he is quite the average “Joe”. He told us he does not take himself too seriously and he loves to have a good laugh. And for him it’s all about physical, spiritual and mental health.

“I’m all about spiritual and mental health. All work together. You have to maximize your own potential with those three things. If one lacks, you can’t maximize your potential. So they are all important,” he advised.

The BMAs event got the thumbs up from all. It highlighted many Bajan artistes who are doing well and had been working hard throughout the previous year. Two of those artistes were the duo Leadpipe And Saddis who were lauded for their efforts –– and they were absolutely grateful.

“If feels good, man. I respect everyone behind the BMAs. The BMAs is a great opportunity to really recognize the true talent and to give back to the artistes that have been working so hard,” Leadpipe said.

The duo also received a new award: the MOT Award –– Making It Against All Odds from the reigning Miss Single & Progressive. Leadpipe said this award proved the two they were actually “doing something”.

“You know you will start off with a struggle; and it was a struggle coming up for Porgie And Murda/Leadpipe And Saddis. We have been doing this for ten years but we have been in the industry doing soca now for two years. It’s been great so far.

“Thanks to the fans, this award proves that we are actually doing something,” he told Bajan Vibes.

And this duo, along with Fadda Fox, made it to the finals of the International Soca Monarch competition in Trinidad and Tobago. While they did not place, they still made their countries proud, and represented well!

During January as well, Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley made an early call for sponsors to get on board early for the 2015 Crop Over season.

Crop Over provides opportunities and a stimulus for the Barbados economy. I believe that there must be a mechanism to ensure that the National Cultural Foundation, as the executing agency for the festival, has greater access to greater financial resources, in addition of course to what is attained every year from private sector sponsorship,” he said.

The minister reiterated that there must be a greater private sector participation and involvement in the festival.

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