Reform a top priority for Jones in 2016

Reforming the Erdiston Teachers’ Training College will at the top of the Ministry of Education’s agenda in 2016, Minister Ronald Jones has said.

He revealed that the institution’s infrastructure and its programmes were in need of revamping in order to further the development of the island’s educators.

“We [the Ministry] will continue our programme. There are many things to continue to roll out during the course of the year of 2016. We have to ensure that those teachers who need further professional development can get that,” Jones said.

“We are restructuring Erdiston both in its infrastructure and in its programme offerings because we have to build a calibre of teachers
as many of them are young,” he added.

The Teachers’ Training College, which was founded in 1948, offers teacher education programmes in collaboration with the University of the West Indies for untrained teachers and management training for school administrators.

“Most of the teachers of the past are in fact retired, so we have some excellent young teachers, well qualified and we need to ensure that that pedagogy is further strengthened, so we will continue that. We will continue building out the infrastructure replacing that part of the infrastructure that is bad.”

The development of nursery schools is also on Government’s agenda.

However, Jones said he was hopeful that in 2016, Barbadians would be more productive “and move away from some of the harshness which we have experienced during 2015; that the young people coming up in Barbados realize that it is for them that we
build up this society and it is for them that we do this type of development”.

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