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Outspoken Government Minister want garbage offenders to pay

Minister of Commerce and Small Business Development Donville Inniss has labelled as downright nastiness the practise of illegal dumping. And following the discovery of loads of discarded refuse at Bucks, St Thomas last week, he argued that the perpetrators should be made to “feel the full weight of the law”.

Inniss, who is also the Minister of Industry and International Business, has also stoutly defended Government’s recent introduction of the controversial $25 tipping fee, saying people have been dumping illegally for years, “tipping fee or no tipping fee”.

“It is just a reflection of people trying to take too many short cuts in this society and some people are just being plain damn nasty, not caring about their environment,” he told Barbados TODAY.

Under the current regulations, the Ministry of Health and not the Sanitation Service Authority can prosecute persons for illegal dumping and littering. Persons who are found guilty are subjected to a fine and even a prison sentence.

Inniss is therefore of the view that “anybody who is caught and found guilty of dumping in places like Bucks, as they did in gullies and water courses around this country, need to feel the full weight of the law and feel it urgently [and] not [be allowed to have their cases] drawn out in any court for three or five years.

“They need to be dealt with immediately, because what they are doing is placing the health of Barbadians at great risk,” said a passionate Inniss, a former Minister of Health.

A week ago Barbados TODAY uncovered the illegal dumping at Bucks, St Thomas, and later discovered that a trucker employed by Quality Business Services was paid to legally discard refuse on behlf of a number of business establishments and at least one householder, but chose instead to discard the items there.

To date, no action has been taken against the alleged offender even though an SSA team was forced to clear the area of tonnes of coconut shells, discarded television sets, refrigerators and plastic bags. There was also a foul stench in the area where chicken offal was reportedly dumped.

In the meantime, a scheduled meeting between the owner of Quality Business Services Ernest King and the Acting General Manager of the SSA Rosalind Knight has failed to materialize.

Inniss warned that those responsible for dumping outside a designated zone were “deliberately and maliciously” creating breeding grounds for rodents “and all sorts of other factors that can create public health risk to this country”, as well as potentially contaminate the island’s water supply.

The St James South MP, who has organized several clean up exercises in his constituency, said the matter of overgrown lots also needed to be urgently addressed, including several Crown lands.

“Some parts of Barbados look nasty and Barbadians must take greater pride in their surroundings. It is not just for Government to do it. It is not about [Minister of the Environment] Dr Denis Lowe or Donville Inniss or [Prime

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  1. Tony Webster December 22, 2015 at 5:32 am

    A fish rots from the head down. These nasty folks are not the only ones who bear great responsibility, (some might say onus; other even culpability) for the health and well-being of citizens in this modern, civilised, Proud and Industrious, Fifty-and -Proud, little gem of a nation. Captains of Sloth, and Proud Guardians of Procrastination, apparently.

    Thanks be to God, that Real Pride , and Real Industry, yet lives in some of us, no matter how hyped-up politicians yak on about dis and dat…and do little by way of action: I recently witnessed a lady diligently sweeping the road in front of her neat little, humble little, home. God Bless her!

  2. jrsmith December 22, 2015 at 6:38 am

    This is just media talk, talk , the more you talk the more they dump. What you need Mr,Minister, purchase from the UK, 4 mobile camera vehicles, teach our people to use them professionally, more than worth they weight in gold. they collect traffic , violations, they will catch people who dump the rubbish, they would do the job of 100 police officers. Simple.

  3. Sue Donym December 22, 2015 at 7:49 am

    There really are several sides to this unpleasant issue. While right thinking members of the community question why anyone would dump illegally and this minister recognises the long term effects, doesn’t the environment minister agree that he (and ultimately Cabinet) has dropped the ball by reneging on the promise to negotiate the tipping fees? We can’t pretend that cost isn’t a factor.

    People / businesses that generate waste have cut back on the number of collections requested and some haulers have stopped or greatly reduced the landfill runs because of cost. It is difficult to give a customer an accurate price when dealing with a per tonne rate. When a hauler is asked to give an estimate, a visual inspection can be tricky, as the actual cost can only be known after loading and arrival at the landfill where the weighing is done.

    It would obviously be easier to work with a per trip price, as it would be awkward and tedious to have to return to customers to collect shortfalls in tipping fees. The alternative would be that haulers overestimate, both to protect themselves and to avoid having to re-invoice clients.

    In the meantime, people must just stop with the dirty and inconsiderate nonsense.


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