SSA workers clear garbage at Bucks

It is clean again at Bucks, St Thomas –– at least for the time being –– as the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) yesterday cleared the area of the unsightly heaps of waste dumped there illegally. However, it is not clear how long the cleanliness will last, since this has proven to be a problem area for health and sanitation authorities.

SSA workers clearing Bucks today.
SSA workers clearing Bucks yesterday.


Five heavy-duty SSA trucks, one bobcat, an excavator and about 20 workers spent just over an hour this morning removing ten tonnes of garbage generated in the tourism and services sector and dumped there illegally. Private hauling company Quality Business Services has been identified as a culprit.

The SSA has seen it all before, said Acting General Manager Rosalind Knight. She told Barbados TODAY that in the last two months, between September 28, 2015 and November 27, 2015, the state entity removed 70 loads of refuse weighing 171 tonnes from Bucks.

A breakdown revealed the extent of the problem facing the sanitation agency. One day after hauling away 70 tonnes of garbage on September 28, the SSA returned on September 29 to clear another 35 tonnes. A month later, on October 30, the mountains of dross had reemerged and the authority removed 27 tonnes, with an additional 15 tonnes cleared the following day. Yet by November 27 another 24 tonnes of discarded matter had found its way to Bucks.

Yesterday, while the workers toiled to remove another ten tonnes, Knight called for the prosecution of persons involved in illegal dumping.

General Manager of Quality Business Services Ernest King had told Barbados TODAY on Tuesday he was not aware that his company was involved in the illegal dumping and blamed a rogue employee.  However, Knight said violations could be easily traced through the ticketing system.

“The public is free to call the transfer station to check to see if the hauler did cross the scale. I would like to see the haulers increase the monitoring of their drivers to ensure that they cross the scale. This can be easily monitored because the tipping tickets are issued in triplicate. Drivers are given a weight certificate when they cross the scales which can be monitored by the management. The tipping tickets have all of the relevant information,” she advised.

The SSA Acting General Manager said the installation of cameras and improved lighting were being discussed to increase surveillance of the area, and she called on the private sector to assist in combatting the scourge.

“This is a work in progress. I would like to engage the private sector to see how they can assist in combatting the illegal dumping problem. We need to enforce the laws that are in place and prosecute some persons,” she stressed.

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