Youth urged to join climate change fight

Opposition Leader Mia Mottley has challenged the island’s youth to lead the fight against climate change.

Speaking in Parliament yesterday on a resolution seeking permission to contribute

$2 040 000 to Dominica’s rebuilding effort from Tropical Storm Erika, Mottley said that over the past 25 years Barbadian leaders have distinguished themselves in taking strong positions in relation to the vulnerability of Small Island Developing States.

However, she said with climate change increasingly becoming a major subject of concern, now was the time for the younger generation to make it one of their leading causes.

Opposition Leader Mia Mottley
Opposition Leader Mia Mottley

“Young people under 40 years, and people under 30 years in particular, need to adopt this agenda as their own. They are the ones who are going to face the consequences of global warning in a way that those of us who are past that stage may not be around,” Mottley said.

“I have urged the Young Socialists of the Barbados Labour Party to treat to this issue as international telecommunications and technological developments is theirs, because they have a vested interest in learning as much as they can  . . . to become global advocates.”

Even in the wake of Saturday’s global agreement on climate change the Opposition Leader wondered “what kind of world” awaits today’s youth in respect to climate, and stressed the need to make this a priority issue.

“The bottom line is, as we seek to manage the day-to-day affairs of our nation, I am concerned that there are few higher order issues that we need to focus on. This issue in relation to the advocacy of climate change is another one in which our people need to be involved and speak as one.”

The St Michael North East MP suggested a move away from the use of fossil fuel to renewable energy, noting that like other Caribbean countries Barbados is vulnerable to extreme weather and climate conditions. (NC)

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