Skeete caught with ‘black’ bag

COURT TODAY BLOCKThe contents of a presentencing report will determine whether Mark Ricardo Skeete gets a custodial sentence when he returns to court on February 19.

Skeete, of 4th Avenue Well Gap, Cave Hill, St Michael pleaded guilty to six counts, including two counts each of possession, trafficking and intent to supply cannabis on Sunday.

The District ‘A’ Court was told that a police patrol as in the area of Well Gap when they saw Skeete among a group of men by a shop. He looked toward the patrol unit and began running. He was holding a black bag at the time.

The police pursued and after searching his bag, they found 129. 2 grammes of marijuana inside.

When they executed a search warrant at his home later, they found more marijuana. This time it was 143. 8 grammes more contained in several greaseproof wrappings and small Ziploc bags inside a black hat.

When the 46-year-old went before Magistrate Douglas Frederick today, his attorney Marlon Gordon asked the court to consider community service for the first-time offender, since he had “not wasted the court’s time” but had entered an early guilty plea.

Gordon added that he has known Skeete since 1991. He also told the court the substance was for his client’s personal use and that Skeete is a football coach within his community.

However, Magistrate Frederick was concerned that the quantity and the “way the drugs were parcelled out” suggests that Skeete had them for sale.

Even though the Penal Reform Act stipulates how first time offenders are to be treated, the Magistrate felt that if Skeete was in fact supplying drugs, then he ought to be incarcerated.

The convicted man was eventually granted $3 000 bail.

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