It’s a hauler!

Trucker Paid but dumps illegally

The ugly impact of Government’s $25 per tonne tipping fee has become evident in the dirtiest of ways.

When a team from Barbados TODAY visited Bucks, St Thomas yesterday, the unsightly evidence was strewn everywhere along the isolated roads in the rural district.

Yesterday there were coconut shells, discarded television sets, refrigerators, plastic bags of every colour; and the foul stench of decaying meat and other food items made it difficult to breathe.
Yesterday there were coconut shells, discarded television sets, refrigerators, plastic bags of every colour; and the foul stench of decaying meat and other food items made it difficult to breathe.

There were coconut shells, discarded television sets, refrigerators, plastic bags of every colour; and the foul stench of decaying meat and other food items made it difficult to breathe.


There was even evidence of who the dumpers might be, written on barrels that were no longer of use to the importers.

Barbados TODAY reached householder O’Brian Blackett whose name was written on one of the barrels. The St Peter resident said he paid a trucker last Saturday to dispose of the container, including petrol cost and the tipping fee.

“I wanted to dispose of it legitimately,” Blackett said, insisting he did not get involved in illegal dumping.   

In September Parliamentary Representative for St Thomas Cynthia Forde toured the area with a team from Barbados TODAY to point out evidence of illegal dumping. She did not accompany the team today, but she was no less angry when advised of the horrid and unpleasant mess.

“I am appalled, disappointed and angry at this type of behaviour by persons who claim to be intelligent,” Forde said.

Forde recalled that she tried on three occasions to get Government’s environmental protection officers to visit Bucks, and that officers of the Environmental Protection Department had made an assessment of the illegal dumping and subsequently cleared the entire area in September last year.

She slammed those responsible for the illegal dumping, pointing fingers at truckers in particular, who she claimed were seeking to circumvent the tipping fee.

“I am appalled to learn that more garbage has been dumped there this week to contaminate the communities. It is so unfortunate that as educated people we still have a number of villains, particularly the truckers. There are business people who are paying truckers to take garbage to the Mangrove Landfill and unfortunately the garbage is being dumped in isolated areas. Where is the pride of those Barbadians who are taking a shortcut to destroy the lives of others? I think it is unreasonable to ask a Government to come and clean up for people who are making money.”

Forde promised to pay another visit to the area tomorrow morning to do an assessment of the situation before contacting the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Health. She suggested that if the practise continued Government would have no alternative but to close the road. However, the outspoken parliamentarian warned that unscrupulous truckers would simply find another isolated area to dump their refuse.

Today, fingers were being pointed at a private hauler who is known to pick up both hotel and household waste. However, the chief spokesman of the Waste Haulers Group Charles Read said he did not believe his group was involved.

“My expectation is that nobody from my Waste Haulers Group would be dumping in Bucks or anywhere for that matter.

“I am aware that personnel from the Sanitation Service Authority do a lot of monitoring in the Bucks area. That Butts Road has been a haven for illegal dumping for years,” he said.

Read suggested that individuals who retained the services of truckers to dump their garbage should ensure that it is taken to the designated location.

Minister of the Environment Dr Dennis Lowe could not be reached tonight, however, he has spoken in the past of finding a solution to the tipping fee problem.

13 Responses to It’s a hauler!

  1. Cora Woodhead
    Cora Woodhead December 15, 2015 at 3:42 am

    How much are hotels charged for dumping waste? Does anyone know?

  2. Conchita Moseley
    Conchita Moseley December 15, 2015 at 4:47 am

    Recoiling is the answer.

  3. Cheryl Alleyne-Brooks
    Cheryl Alleyne-Brooks December 15, 2015 at 5:28 am

    This is wicked ignorant people that doing this, don’t tell me that $25 cause you to do this. They should be fine very heavy for this. This one is easy to solve cause the proof is there.Make an example out of him. I am sure they can be rules put in place to help curtail this not all but some of it.

    • Tristan John
      Tristan John December 15, 2015 at 9:01 am

      True! Illegal dumping was a thing waayyy before the tipping fee smhh

  4. Wayne P Hoyte
    Wayne P Hoyte December 15, 2015 at 6:17 am


  5. Sue Donym December 15, 2015 at 8:01 am

    What makes anyone so irresponsible, so disrespectful and so nasty as to deposit any kind of waste on someone else’s property, unauthorised? It is a disgraceful practice.

    There are many issues arising from this report. I hope that B’dos Today did more than hope that an interested police officer reads this. I await the report that shows that this ended with a prosecution and a clean up of the area that costs the offender more than he saved by doing this.

    How does Mr Read intend to have consumers ensure that the people they hire comply with the law? This is another example of where people expect others to take responsibility for adults who know better. The haulers must dump only in authorised areas.

    This raises the issue of littering generally, where people are happy to let their unwanted materials drop, fly, roll and splatter anywhere without a care for who is affected.

    And yes, government does have to answer why they promised the truckers to address the tipping fees issue, only to walk away from discussions once the main protest action was over. This is obviously a national concern, particularly with Sanitation Service Authority so poorly equipped. Government authorities have failed to rectify the requirement for even an occasional trucker to prepay for an entire book of tipping tickets in order to use the landfill.

    There is a lot to be taken care of.

  6. Tony Webster December 15, 2015 at 8:55 am

    Industriously applying the national principle of Pride?
    Follow the crime trail back to the creation and implementation of national policies… or as our grand-parents might have put it: “Effin you start wrong, yuh gine end wrong”

  7. Tristan John
    Tristan John December 15, 2015 at 9:12 am

    I would like to believe the guy with the barrel is telling the truth. Otherwise he would have to be a real jack to dump illegally with all his credentials exposed smh

  8. Lise Hansen
    Lise Hansen December 15, 2015 at 9:33 am

    OMG ……people may get sick living close by ……

  9. Suzette Clarke
    Suzette Clarke December 15, 2015 at 12:02 pm

    I don’t think that we can blame government , tipping fee or not, for this disgusting practice that has crept into our lives. It has precious little to do with money and more to do with people’s utter disregard for their environment. It usually starts small, throwing stuff through the bus or car window, eating, drinking and dropping containers on the road, then it escalates to dumping old appliances in cane field or besides the road. I was on a walk one morning and saw a stove and three tvs in a cane ground. Some Bajans do what is convenient for them and don’t care how it affects others.

  10. jrsmith December 15, 2015 at 12:09 pm

    Everyday we see , how our politicians show no real concern, as to the management of Barbados LTD. And the no concern for the people, everything in disarray, we seems to be so inefficient, We see, people from and area , had to get themselves together ,to clear a fallen tree.


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