Fowl record

A record number of chickens are expected to be produced this year as poultry farmers increase production, according to Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Agricultural Society (BAS) James Paul.

And the BAS is projecting another record year in 2016.

Paul told reporters this week at a biosecurity workshop for poultry farmers that the BAS was anticipating production to exceed 10 million birds by the end of this year.

James Paul.

“That is a record. It has not happened in the last 15 years . . . so it is a new playing field that we are on,” Paul said.

He stated that the increased production had brought new benefits, particularly in the area of job creation, revealing that membership in the Barbados Egg and Poultry Producers Association had doubled during this period.

“With the doubling of that membership therefore, it means that more people are getting involved, we’re seeing more employment being generated in the industry and that is something we applaud.”

The BAS head said, however, record production also meant increased pressure on those who provide services to the industry, particularly feed suppliers.

He said he was hoping the suppliers would keep up with the rising demand.

“We are using more inputs and it therefore means that all services providers in the industry must therefore structure their operations in order to ensure that they do not jeopardize the operations of our local poultry farmers.

“Clearly we’ve done very well in that regard. We are hoping of course that they continue to do so, but we also anticipate in 2016 further expansion and we do not want this expansion to be jeopardized by our service providers not being able to meet our demands,” Paul said.

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