Not this Brathwaite

Accused man maintains innocence

COURT TODAY BLOCKWhen Michael Anthony Brathwaite returned before Magistrate Douglas Frederick yesterday, he was adamant that he should only be facing one charge and not three.

Brathwaite, who is currently on remand, asked the magistrate to let him know how many matters he was there in relation to. The magistrate obliged.

He told Brathwaite there was one for having an offensive weapon, one for stealing a cellular phone and another for robbing O’Neal Greenidge of $600.

Brathwaite, 43, informed the court that “they have more than one Michael Brathwaite”.“For years now, I did coming to court for things that I don’t know nothing ‘bout. Even at High Court, I does get bring down for cases and then they does end up getting thrown out,” the accused said.

When Magistrate Frederick asked him if he was Michael Anthony Brathwaite, the accused replied that they “got more than one of them too”.

“They got my head tangle up, but I know that I only got one case in front you,” he said.

Brathwaite then asked the court to look into it because “everybody entitled to make mistakes”.
He recalled that a warrant of arrest was issued for him at one point when he was already on remand the year before.

The magistrate promised to have it investigated.

Brathwaite continues on remand at HMP Dodds until December 15.

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