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Three new programmes targeted at youth

The Barbados based Prayer Warriors International is getting ready to roll out a number of initiatives targeting this country’s youth.

Evangelist Courtney Selman told Barbados TODAY that three programmes aimed at combating crime and unemployment would be launched next February.

Evangelist Courtney Selman
Evangelist Courtney Selman

“We would like to have 100 weed whackers to give to the young men in Barbados, those who want to work and of course the guys on the block. We will also be developing and teaching these gentlemen how to do business, how to prepare business plans [and] how to save. In fact I have spoken to the City of Bridgetown Credit Union (COB) to get these guys involved with a consistent savings,” Selman said.

The second initiative he revealed aims to have “approximately 500 young men washing cars across Barbados at Government offices etcetera.

“Of course we would want to consult with the Government

to have permission to have these guys wash cars at their sites, parking lots, supermarkets, embassies and places where there are cars,” he explained.

“These young people will be identified with an ID tag and maybe a t-shirt and posted at different sites. Now if they can wash ten cars a day at $10, you are looking a $100 a day or $500 a week which they can earn independently and I believe if they can save, then they can get to higher heights,” he added.

The setting up of religious schools in every parish is the organisation’s other mandate, according to Selman, a former Barbados fast bowler who declared that he was now bowling only for God.

“The programme will be called We are our Neighbours’ Keepers. As you know before we used to be taught Religious Knowledge in schools but that no longer exists so we want to replace that with religious schools.”

He contended that the crime situation currently plaguing the country was as a result of the “ominous missing of God in people lives”.

“I believe what is happening is creating a great deal of lawlessness in the country and crime and we are hoping that these programmes will help,” he added. (FW)

6 Responses to Job hope

  1. jrsmith December 3, 2015 at 6:24 am

    Weed whackers, washing car, setting up of religious schools in every parish. This is so simple simon, this is just showing , how poor our education programmes are. we will hear this foolishness ,decade after ,decade.

    The setting up of religious schools in every parish. this man is an idiot. do we need this stupidness in Barbados We have at present and for past years , the worlds most powerful religion ,terrorising the world, ISLAM, throwing Christians to the lions. we need proper businesses, a reasonable manufacturing base, not weed whackers.

    50 years ago the blacks was signing ,we shall overcome some day, 50 years later, he is still setting streets on fire and singing the same ,we shall over come some day. overcome what. Would people explain ,what religion ,has done for the black man in the past 50 years., our young black people cannot be brain washed, into believing , that this blond haired ,blueyed person is coming from the sky to rescue them.

    We must stop , allowing and using part our history, and the bible to brain wash our young people , you all make varying statements , proclaiming ,young peop[le must be educated, we force them to be educated, to do what, wait around ,for some one with a religious ego to , purchase them a weed whacker, a bucket and cloth to wash cars. this is so insulting.

  2. wayne dread December 3, 2015 at 7:41 am

    What is your program ?. Sitting lurking to say whats wrong , and not telling us whats right, jrsmith. If you choose to criticize, give us an alternative, and put yuh money behind yuh mout.

  3. jrsmith December 3, 2015 at 10:14 am

    That’s the trouble with people yourself, I am a black bajan, no chance of listening to me , I am not from the other side , others will criticize, but you dare challenge them to put up anything. you dare , challenge our politicians, to do what’s good for our people. I would be willing to put up financially to help any genuine bajans / business to help my people. I am not a bible puncher. I believe in my bajan people.

  4. BOBO THE SAME CLOWN December 3, 2015 at 11:03 am

    JRSmith At a first glance you would appear to have Athiest’s views. You obviously cannot come up with any solution that might infact help to encourage or help the young people that have lost their way by listening to comments by folk like you ,who don’t have an alternative to sitting on the block each and every day with out a penny in pocket but trying to see who they can rob,or which house they can break into.Mr. Smith ,you are are a fool , and one should never underestimate the power of a fools stupidity.Here we have someone that is trying to find a solution to a growing problem by offering some help ,even though people like you who have nothing to offer stand idly by to offer as much criticism as you can.
    You see, wisemen speak because they have something to say; Fools ,because they have to say something . Guess which part of the equation fits you , fool.

  5. jrsmith December 3, 2015 at 12:44 pm

    @ ,BOBO,The clown, hail,hail, I don’t really , care what you think of me … my family and I, we have a very, very good standard of living. Barbados and the UK. clever one.

  6. Tony Waterman December 3, 2015 at 11:16 pm

    @jrsmith!!!! It is my belief that we as an Educated People have gone past believing that Jesus was Blond haired and Blue eyed, our Education having taught us that that person you describes could not have arrived from Nazareth, they were NOT BLACK people and they Mostly had Straight hair as they still do TODAY.

    People like you who CLAIM to NOT believe in a Higher Being, for some reason always seem to end up calling on that same when things go badly for them.
    JrSmith please din’t forget the age old TRUE saying. “”If you don’t believe in Something, you WILL fall for everything.

    have a good Day/Night jrsmith, and may the Good Lord Bless and Keep you ALWAYS


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