December sports!

Red in command at Blackman And Gollop

Who knew sports could be so much fun in December?

Today at Blackman and Gollop Primary that proved to be the case as the Infants section held their sports amidst loud cheers from students and parents.

Proceedings started late due to some early morning rainfall, but the weather could not stop defending champions Red House from taking an early lead, before the rains came again and brought a premature end to the day’s activities.

By that time though, Red House had already won five races before rain caused the sports to be postponed until next Monday.

Azaria Boyce of Reception won the girls 25 metre sprint, Naraia McClean and Javair Kirton topped the Infants B girls and boys 50 metres race respectively, while Tianna-li Morgan came out victorious in the Infants A girls 50 metres race.

Purple house also had something to shout about when Kaleil Pooler and Ajani Eugene captured first and second respectively in the Infants A boys 50m race.

Purple House captured first and second in the 50m dash for Infant A through Kaleil Pooler (right) and Ajani Eugene.
Purple House captured first and second in the 50m dash for Infant A through Kaleil Pooler (right) and Ajani Eugene.

Calvin Briggs physical education teacher at the school explained why they made the decision to have their annual day sports during term one as opposed to the second term when most schools usually have their inter-house championships.

“We found that there was some down time at the end of the first term and we find cricket was the only activity played, so I thought it would be a good idea if we could utilize that down time.

“…Teachers usually complain about interruption during the second term and that is the term right before the Common Entrance Examination, so we thought it would have been a good idea to leave that term as free as possible,” Briggs said, adding it gave athletes a bit more time for training.

He added, “This idea works good for us because we do sports right here at the school and we get to control the environment. Also this sports day is also used as the selection process for our athletes who compete at the National Primary School Championship.”

Weather permitting, sports is scheduled to resume tomorrow at the school when Green House Giants seek to defend their title at the junior level which are classes one to four.

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