Make right choices, sergeant tells students

The choices you make today could determine your future,

This was the word of caution delivered by Station Sergeant Roland Cobbler to the student body of the Grantley Prescod School today.

As the school celebrated its anniversary, as well as Barbados’ 49th anniversary of political independence, under the theme Creating a Better Barbados, Cobbler called on the students to recognize they have an important role to play in shaping Barbadian society.

“Based on the increasing level of violence occurring in our society today, and the fact that a number of school age children are engaging in this type of behaviour and other acts of wrongdoing, your theme is one that I consider relevant as we approach another year of independence,” the senior police officer said.

He went on to warn the students that the way they behave now could influence their future.

“ With this in mind, I want you to understand that living a crime free life, and doing the things that are right and not wrong will assist in your positive development and contribute to your success.

“It is therefore essential that you do not engage in acts of stealing, using threatening words such as, ‘I would lick you down’, fighting or using illegal drugs.

“These are just a few of the activities that if you become involved in doing as children are likely to result in you becoming involved in criminal behaviour as you become adults,” Cobbler warned.

The law enforcement officer told the students they all have choices to make, adding that with those choices will come a set of consequences.

He stressed that in life something good or bad will always be the end product, based on the choices you make.

“Remember that school is an institution of learning and you must take responsibility for your learning and behaviour. Being disrespectful, rude or bad behaved will have a negative impact on your learning and your ability to live a crime free life. Therefore, I want to encourage you to place high value on your education, especially your primary school education as it provides you with the foundation that you will need to live a crime free life.”

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  1. Bernard Codrington November 28, 2015 at 9:57 am

    Well said. The primary school stage is the best stage for inculcating good values and good habits. Officer Cobbler should spread this message to other primary schools.


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