Police seek help in identifying property

Police are requesting the assistance of the public, especially the residents in the Husbands Heights, St. James and surrounding districts, to identify three pieces of property.

Lawmen say the following items were recovered from two men on Sunday night in Husbands: one red and black Rockhopper bicycle; one burgundy and gold mountain bicycle; and one red and black lawnmower.

Anyone with information on the above mentioned items are asked to contact the Holetown Police Station at telephone numbers 419-1700 or 1713.

One Response to Police seek help in identifying property

  1. Tony Waterman November 24, 2015 at 9:06 pm

    Good Luck to you RBPF in getting anyone to come forward to claim these Items, as the Owners have Probably already received a Claim Cheque from their Insurance Company, and don;t want to have to return it.
    Keep the Items for Three Months, and then have an auction, all funds so derived can be put into your Contingency Fund.


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