BREA signs deal with Canadian firm

A local non-governmental organization (NGO) which promotes the development, adoption and implementation of renewable energy initiatives has signed an agreement with a Canadian green energy firm with a view to strengthening the renewable energy drive in Barbados and the Caribbean.

The Barbados Renewable Energy Association (BREA) and Clean Nova Scotia signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) three weeks ago at the Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum in Miami.

However, this information was released only yesterday during a Barbados TODAY interview with Executive Director of BREA Clyde Griffith on the sidelines of a renewable energy and energy efficiency workshop here.

Griffith said the fine details of the MOU would be ironed out when a team from Clean Nova Scotia visits next month. However, he said the goal is for the Canadian firm to establish a presence in the region while helping the local organization extend its reach.

BREA Executive Director Clyde Griffith
BREA Executive Director Clyde Griffith

“A part of the primary objective of course, is to see how they can get themselves in the region, particularly with their particular strengths including training. We are looking at education in schools, something we talked about three years ago but we are now beginning to push it. It is very important for us to get after the students in the schools,” Griffith told Barbados TODAY.

Clean Nova Scotia is a charitable organization which undertakes a number of energy efficiency projects in parts of Canada, and the BREA head said its relationship with the local NGO would come at no cost to Barbados, adding that Clean would source funding “to do a lot of the things to have us involved”.

During yesterday’s conference, Griffith also announced that BREA had signed an MOU with the Freundel Stuart administration through which the organization would undertake some projects for the Government.

He revealed that BREA would soon publish a guide on energy efficiency and called on stakeholders to work together in order to change Barbadians’ behaviour “and let them appreciate the fact that by adopting energy efficient methods it will not have an adverse impact on their lifestyle”.

The former Minister of Energy encouraged local and regional authorities to press on with the expansion of the renewable energy sector despite falling oil prices.

“We have to push renewable energy because we have been there before. I came into this business when oil was US$13 a barrel and we dropped the ball,” said Griffith. (MM)

One Response to BREA signs deal with Canadian firm

  1. jrsmith November 19, 2015 at 9:22 am

    I would agree , with Mr, Williams ,what ever he said, but if BL& Power, is undertaking a Volvic farm, that’s enough to get started on in Barbados. Our infrastructure, is in such a bad way and all we are hearing is talk, talk, about renewable energy, so easy from all quarters.

    To the people of Barbados, when are we going to find people who think and deliver logic sense and ideas to us. most of Barbados don’t even have regular tap water, these day, this is a major part of our infrastructure, look at our horrible roads, we cant even fix the sewage plant, 15 years in the making, and everyone is mouthing off , nothing is being done.

    If the Barbados government don’t be careful, we the bajans , will end up with many white elephants. which cannot be serviceable.

    One of the so call developed countries, the UK, so way ahead with renewable energy, projects, and ideas, over the past decade , has so drop many ideas , the wind power many companies though they was a waste of time, they want to start fracking, and start drilling and pumping up the trillions of barrels of oil under and around Gatwick Airport.

    Billion dollar deals with China, has been struck, to build ,nuclear power stations in the UK, all you people in Barbados ,jumping up and down about renewable energy. and most of our people haven’t got jobs to go to.


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