Antonio and KFL set for Sunday

High-Note-2He is ready to bring it on. And the hundreds of patrons who are expected to pack into the Sanctuary Empowerment Centre in Country Road, St Michael, on Sunday night will definitely be greatly impacted by the dynamic Richard Antonio and his KFL [Kingdom Fuh Life] Band, as they celebrate the launch of Antonio’s debut CD album Worship You, as well as their first anniversary in the music ministry.

Antonio has the option to choose from any of the 11 tracks from the album to share with patrons, all of whom are allowed entry to the Sanctuary free of charge. While music fans are not obligated to bring an offering, they are being encouraged to do so.  Just to prepare you, the album comprises soca and reggae, featuring such originals as Worship You (the title song), Coming Down, Jesus, I Believe In You, Mourning To Dancing, You Are The One, Free and Because Of You (featuring Donella).   Apart from that, Antonio’s 13-year-old son Don Ross Oliver will make a special guest appearance. Other guest artistes will be De Warrior, Kianne Walters, Kiann Browne, Earl Bishop out of Guyana, and the Halal Dancers based at the Sanctuary Empowerment Centre.  Doors open at 6 p.m.

On another note, let’s talk about a genre of music which, although not yet prominent in Barbados, attracts the attention of several of our local young artistes. Christian rap, also known as gospel rap, has evolved in recent years. Much like Christian rock bands, Christian rappers are some of the most underrated hip hop artists. Their rhymes revolve primarily around evangelical themes and preaching the Good Book.

Christian rappers can have fun with their music, as long as there are Christian overtones, which is the number one identifying trait of the genre. Over the past few years, Christian rap has become more popular and has been accepted as a positive way to promote Christian music and Christian culture.

So, who are the best Christian rappers? If you are looking at a list of Christian rap artists, you have to include the likes of LeCrae, Andy Mineo, 116 Clique, Bizzle, Tobymac and Trip Lee. These are the biggest names in Christian rap and with good reason.

Christian rap wouldn’t be as popular as it is now without the catchy songs these top gospel rappers came up with. Christian rap continues to grow and it’s due to the success of these Christian hip hop artists.

Until next time, blessings!

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