Red Cross appeal raises $129,500 for Dominica

The Red Cross appeal for Dominica has raised $129,500, just over two months after Tropical Storm Erika wreaked havoc on the island.

A statement from the Barbados Red Cross says the money is combined with the other monies raised by the International Federation of the Red Cross, which is working with the Dominica chapter in relief and restoration efforts.

The International Federation of the Red Cross had launched an international appeal to raise the equivalent of US $900,000.

“To date that international Red Cross Appeal has raised more than a half million U.S. dollars including $100,000 from the Swedish Government and 50,000 Euros from the Italian Government,” the statement said.

The work of the Red Cross in Dominica is now into the reconstruction phase which will continue until March 2016.

This follows the earlier emergency response stage of temporary accommodation, food, medical supplies, restoring water supplies, and financial support for immediate needs.

Tropical Storm Erika left millions of dollars in damage across Dominica

The Red Cross will now assist residents moving into the homes being built with the assistance of the Venezuela Government, and will provide table top stoves, beds, linens, kitchen kits, cleaning kits and other items. Most of these people are from the southern communities of Dubique and Petite Savanne, which were among the worst affected by the storm.

They are working with the Swiss Government in providing a pep shredder to assist in recycling the large quantity of plastic bottles that are an environmental hazard for drains, rivers and ravines. The island’s landfill is congested with these bottles as well.

The organisation said under their arrangement with the Swiss Government there are also plans to provide a truck for the collection of recyclable materials across the island.

The Red Cross is also providing water tanks with pumps to civil society institutions such as infirmaries and homes for the elderly and homeless.

It added that head of the water filtration plant which was set up after the disaster has been damaged, and it is hoping to replace it soon, as there are still some areas where pipe-borne water has not yet been restored.

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One Response to Red Cross appeal raises $129,500 for Dominica

  1. Tony Webster November 8, 2015 at 9:26 am

    I have friends in the Nature Isle. On their behalf, may I offer my heartfelt thanks to all those who have assisted in person, such as our disciplined forces, and to others helping by organizing large-scale resources of cash and in kind.

    These folks are as hospitable, kind, and just plain wonderful…as is their beautiful island. I would not have to think twice, before choosing between a lick-it-all-out trip to Miami…and immersing myself in the soothing waters and friendliness of Dominica.


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