Draughts clash on Sunday

Sunday is D-day for the two teams contesting the finals of the John Walcott Memorial Team Draughts Tournament.

The defending champions, St. Martins, clash with Lodge Road A at the All Souls Church annex in Bank Hall at 6 p.m. which will result in one winner, one champion.

The unbeaten Jeffrey “Socks” Clarke of Lodge Road.
The unbeaten Jeffrey “Socks” Clarke of Lodge Road.

The teams have had two weeks to practise hence the better prepared team might well be the determining factor.

While St Martins on paper might appear the favoured winner, Lodge Road A, as a result of their come-from- behind 21-19 victory over St George where Jack Francis was neutralised and held to draws, should not be underestimated.

Both teams have considerable experience on board which makes for a potentially explosive or considerably safe play, depending on team strategy. St Martins are led by national champion Richard Grazette and include Rawle “School Boy” Williams, veteran Darwin “King of Cross” Lorde, the dangerous Anthony “Rat” Agard who has likened some of his victims to peanut butter, Ian Callender, Cedric Fields and Orville “Teddy” Elliott.

Lodge Road A are led captain Whitfield “Festus” Robinson, a seasoned campaigner, and include former national captain Jeffrey “Socks” Clarke, the steady Wayne “Peg” Gill, Henderson Marshall, Hallam Hope and Oliver Whitford.

The finals call for two rounds initially. In the event of a tie, there would be a third round and should that also lead to a tie, then the result in the preliminary round between the two teams would be a determining factor in arriving at a winner.

In any event, a competitive finals is guaranteed for the growing number of players and spectators at Bank Hall this Sunday.

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