Clean-up at Carlisle Bay

Carlisle Bay received a spruce up today compliments the Coastal Zone Management Unit.

Secondary school students and several volunteer groups assisted in the clean-up, which was done both on land and in water.

Clean-up crews at Carlisle Bay earlier today


Research Officer with the Coastal Zone Management, Sadie-ann Sisnett, told Barbados TODAY there was a reasonable turnout and commended everyone for a job well done.

“There were some students there from St George Secondary, one student from St Michael School and many volunteer groups who turned out to offer assistance,” she said.

Some of the garbage collected during the clean-up

Water quality analyst Ricardo Sukoo told said they decided to organise the clean-up because of the popularity of Carlisle Bay and also because residents in the area complained about the unkempt state of the beach even after it was cleaned.

Organisers say residents complained about the unkempt state of the beach

“A lady in the area spoke to us about the garbage she was seeing in the area. Obviously with people comes garbage. So not only did we clean up the land but 11 divers went out and cleaned up the water as well,” Suckoo noted.

Sisnett said this was the first beach clean-up they did in a long time but would like to plan similar projects more often.

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