WICB director resigns

PORT OF SPAIN –– West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) director Baldath Mahabir has resigned with immediate effect, citing among other factors a certain level of unprofessionalism, exercised by the organisation in recent times.

“In the recent past, this incarnation of the WICB has had to endure even more verbal onslaughts than some of its predecessors.

Baldath Mahabir
Baldath Mahabir

“The events that have attracted these negative outpourings have not always been the sole responsibility of the WICB, but the onus of cleaning up after the mess falls squarely on its burdened and at times under-resourced shoulders. And this the organisation must understand,” Mahabir said in a media release.

He added: “Having said that, one must recognise that the WICB has been less than satisfactory in other areas. The management of the business has been unprofessional, tardy or lax in many instances, and this, coupled with the very public spats with our players – men and women – have activated an increase in the quantity and decibel counts of voices against the actions of the board.”

Mahabir, a Trinidad and Tobago cricket director, was turned back in his bid for vice-presidency of the WICB after losing in an election to incumbent Emmanual Nanton.

Mahabir stated that constant criticism of the board by such a wide cross-section of West Indies society could not be very far off base, and perhaps it was a time to look at the problem away from the source.

“I have decided to step back from the forest, for it seems that I need to look again at the trees. Maybe being within for the past six years, I have become lost in the forest and what is needed is a view from another place, get another perspective. Six million West Indians cannot be wrong,” Mahabir said.

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  1. Walter Prescod November 5, 2015 at 8:13 am

    Good on you Mr. Mahabir, the trees in the forest are in dire need of water and sunlight. I hope you can from outside the forest help clean the the vines that are keeping the trees from seeing the sunlight, and in so doing help plant some new ones.


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