St Lucy rocked by latest murder

The virtual angel of violent death that has stunned the country in recent times has struck again, bringing the life of a young St Lucy man to a savage end in what his relatives believe is a senseless killing.

Corey Greaves, 33, of Harrison’s Tenantry, St Lucy was on his way through a dark track to watch a football match when gunmen shot him three times – twice in the stomach – just a short distance away from his home in Crab Hill. He died on the spot, taking his last breath in the arms of his younger brother Damien.


His distraught older sister Angela Greaves told Barbados TODAY from her Harrison’s Tenantry home that her younger brother was a quiet and helpful person who stayed out of trouble.

His death rocked the close knit community, with many of the children opting to stay home from school as they tried to come to grips with the shocking incident.

“Corey tried not to get into trouble with the law or with anybody and he used to mind his own business. I can’t understand why somebody would do this to him . . . he didn’t deserve to die like this,” Angela cried.

She recalled being at home just after 8 p.m. when she heard three gunshots.

However, it was only when she, along with other family members and friends decided to go and investigate, that their worst nightmares turned into reality.

“I heard a woman screaming ‘somebody get shoot, somebody get shoot’ but it was only after I run up there I realized it was Corey.

“When I got there he was still breathing. I put my hand by his heart and he was still breathing. I came home to call the police and the ambulance, but by the time I got back up the road I saw my aunt coming back down the road screaming ‘he gone, he gone’,” she whispered, with a blank look etched across her face.

Angela said judging from what she heard had transpired her brother might not have been the intended target.

“If he and somebody had a noise, I would understand, but not just so when you just get a drop home to go somewhere and you gone and stand up and somebody come through the back and shoot you.

“If people looking for somebody that do them something, they should make sure that they get the right person.
They shouldn’t just open fire and shoot the first person that they see,” she maintained.

She recounted how Corey, who worked doing trowel plastic and painting, liked to clean and cook, and he was “fussy about dressing up.”

His aunt Chrisanta described her nephew, a former student of Selah Primary and St Lucy Secondary – now Daryll Jordan Secondary – as someone who would talk with anyone and who liked to joke.

She said she was on her way to buy some bread when she received the dreaded news which made her feel sick instantly.

“I almost fainted. I can’t believe up to now that Corey dead. Up to just now I was in the house standing up and I nearly fall down. I can’t believe that this is real . . . he never used to do nobody nothing,” Chrisanta said.

She too condemned the actions of those responsible, echoing the sentiments expressed by Angela Greaves.

“When you want somebody you would look for the right body. You can’t just shoot because you see somebody. Yah don’t do it like that.”

2 Responses to Senseless!

  1. jrsmith November 5, 2015 at 4:42 pm

    The guns, the guns, condolences to his family and al who has suffered the same fate. we must ask ourselves some questions, when last has anyone , been arrested at our airport , carrying a gun/guns. so how Barbados is awash with guns, we have heard ,gun shoot outs at cemetery , 3 guns two low lifes.

    If nothing is done ,if measures not taken we, the bajans , would be making sure , come 6 pm evenings we are locked away in our homes. being the only security we would be sure of. when the gun issue , becomes figures which is compared to people as one on one , we have an enormous problem. as like the US, where guns crazies seems to be using people for target practice.

  2. B.Harris November 7, 2015 at 4:21 pm

    R.I.P G.Man!


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