King owns up to aggravated burglary

COURT TODAY BLOCKLast month, Dwayne Antonio King, of Bayfield, St Philip became a first-time offender after pleading guilty to one count of aggravated robbery and burglary.

Yesterday, he added five more convictions for aggravated burglary and robbery, by admitting to a High Court that he committed those offences at several business places between December 2011 and May 2012.

The 23-year-old was before Justice Jacqueline Cornelius in the No. 5 Supreme Court.

Crown Counsel Krystal Delaney outlined the events to the court, beginning with how King robbed two gas attendants who were working the night shift at Texaco, Four Roads, St Philip. While there, King robbed Wendy Murray of $628. 43 and Stacia Ward of $894. 20.

One of two masked men approached Ward demanding money, while the other went towards Murray and did likewise. One of the assailants carried a gun, which he used to hit Murray across the face with during the brazen attack.

King later told police that he and three others “went pon dah job”.

During the second robbery, King and two accomplices – both masked – entered Teddy’s MiniMart at East Point, St Philip. One of the men pointed his gun at an employee, ordering her not to move, while another jumped over the counter, emptied the cash register and grabbed a bottle of Old Brigand.

Again, King admitted to police that he and his cohorts “rob there”.

In May 2012, it was the turn of JJ’s Variety, an establishment owned by Jippy Doyle. On the date, an employee was sitting outside when two men approached her workplace. The one with the gun told her to hand over the money so she went inside, opened the cash register and placed the money into a plastic bag given to her by the bandits.

However, before they got away with $436. 27 in cash, the employee was hit in the eye with a gun. King later told police “I organise that” robbery.

Later that month, King moved over to St John, where he robbed a bar, located at Massiah Street and owned by Anthony Waldron, of $3 500.

On the day of the robbery, two men — one with his face covered in a red scarf and the other in a black one — both demanded money from a female employee.

King again outlined his role in the robbery to police.

“I went ‘pon dah scene  . . . because I did brek and I did want lil’ money,” he said.

King and his men also hit Chefette Wildey. Staff member Sheena Stafford had just finished her shift at 10 p.m. and was buying an ice-cream when she heard a voice say: “Nobody move – Nobody get hurt.”

Two men — one wearing a red mask and carrying a gun and the other dressed in dark clothing, wearing gloves and holding a knife  -demanded Stafford’s handbag and its contents, as well as money from the cash register. Meantime, a third man kept watch at the door.

In an interview with police, King admitted that he was the man with the gun.

He returns to court next Thursday when a probation officer is expected to present his presentencing report.

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