GUYANA – Police capture bandit

Criminal caught after stolen car crashes

GEORGETOWN –– Up to late last night, police ranks on East Coast Demerara were still pursuing three bandits who are believed to be cornered in the Mahaicony backlands after they carried out a brutal robbery on the J. Singh & Sons Supermarket at La Raisonable, Mahaicony yesterday afternoon.

The cops have managed to capture one of the bandits after the stolen car they were using in their getaway crashed into a trench at Fairfield, Mahaica, a few miles away, while they were trying to elude a trailing police vehicle.

The stolen getaway car crashed into  a trench.
The stolen getaway car crashed into a trench.

The men had earlier held 45-year old business woman Lakranie Singh and her employees at gunpoint, and after beating her savagely about
her body, escaped with an undisclosed sum of cash, jewellery and other valuables.

The men appeared to be well informed about the supermarket layout since they also took away a DVR, which recorded footage from surveillance cameras located at strategic points
on the premises.

A shaken Lakranie Singh, who was treated at the Mahaicony Hospital for injuries she received, told Kaieteur News that she was on the premises with her workers around 2 p.m. when the four bandits stormed the place.

The woman said that while two of the bandits accosted her workers, one of them snatched her and dragged her into the supermarket, beating her, while demanding cash and valuables.

“They proper beat me, and pull me inside. They beat me terrible,” Singh told Kaieteur News.

She said the bandit warned her not to make noise to alarm anyone.

“I had on some Indian wear and he took that,” Singh said.

Meanwhile, the other bandits were busy robbing her employees and rummaging through her property, looking for valuables.

According to Singh, customers who were about to enter the supermarket, saw what was taking place and backed off and alerted other residents.

The villagers responded but by the time they were fully mobilized, the bandits had made a hasty retreat, using Singh’s Toyota IST to aid in their getaway.

But from all indications, their getaway plan hit a snag when the driver lost control of the car and crashed into a trench.

The bandits, sensing that they were being followed quickly exited the car and bolted into the nearby backlands, with the police in hot pursuit.

However one of them did not make it far as he was captured not far from the crashed car.

Police recovered the stolen DVR, and some wet money.

Kaieteur News understands that the remaining fleeing bandits managed to make it to the cover of the thick bushes of the backlands. Up to late last night they had managed to remain at large, despite more ranks being deployed into the backlands to flush them out.

There are reports that a car which was believed to have transported the men to the robbery, was seen circling the Mahaicony district, apparently to pick them up and bring them away from the area. But according to reports the police were informed and a patrol was sent out to track the vehicle down, but by then it had disappeared.

Yesterday’s robbery is reminiscent of a similar operation last week when bandits raided a Mahaica rice farmer’s home and escaped with his car after robbing him and his family of an undisclosed amount of cash and jewellery.

On that occasion, a detective from the Mahaica Police Station managed to track them down to the village of Ann’s Grove where two
of them were captured.

The stolen car was recovered the following day, ditched near the Clonbrook seawall.

Source: (Kaieteur News)

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