BWA brings welcome relief to rural residents

The Barbados Water Authority (BWA) responded in a tangible way today to the longstanding cries of some St Joseph and St John residents who have had to contend with dry taps in their homes for most of this year. The intervention is aimed at providing temporary relief until the pipe-borne supply problem is rectified.

These residents welcomed the  water relief after months of outages.
These residents welcomed the water relief after months of outages.

Corporate Communications Specialist Joy-Anne Haigh led a BWA team which visited several affected districts and distributed over 450 buckets and five gallon containers to residents. Communities visited by the team included Branchbury # 1 and 2, Chimborazo, Lammings and Mellows Hill in St Joseph and Hackleton’s Cliff, St John.

Around 8 a.m., BWA workmen reportedly turned up in the four districts and installed 2 000 gallon community water tanks. When a Barbados TODAY team visited the four rural districts several members of staff of the BWA were busy handing out buckets and five gallon containers to residents.

Commenting on the water supply problem in Branchbury #1, longstanding resident Winifred Roberts said: “Sometimes we get up on mornings and we do not see any water but the next morning you get up, you get water. Sometimes you cannot even bathe. The water outages have been going on for the past three to four months.”

Paul Robinson , who was born in Branchbury # 1 but returned to the area six years ago after being away for some time, welcomed the distribution of the buckets and the five gallon containers.

“I welcome the idea of the distribution of the buckets and containers to residents of Branchburg #1. I also welcome the idea of installing a community tank in the district. We have been suffering from water outages in this area for some time now.”

Diana Edghill also welcomed the distribution of the containers. However, she told Barbados TODAY that she is not inconvenienced by the water outages since she has grown accustomed to the times the water is turned off and when it is restored.

Garnet Husbands of Chimborazo also welcomed the distribution of containers by the BWA, while noting that over the past seven months the district has been plagued by water outages.

Commenting on today’s BWA outreach programme, Haigh said: “We are trying to get out about 450 containers today to residents. We are in Hackleton’s Cliff, St John, we have just covered Branchbury #1 and#2, we want to cover Chimborazo and we are going to Lammings in St Joseph and Mellows Hill.

“The idea behind this is to help with the water supply in terms of storage and giving people an idea as to how much water they probably should store per day. The containers are clearly marked five gallon containers to give them a start in terms of how to store water and how to conserve water.”

Responding to a query on ongoing water outages in parts of St Peter, Haigh told Barbados TODAY that in the north of the island, the Half Acre, Lamberts and Boscobel reservoirs were working and had enough water to supply the entire area at this moment.

“That problem has been rectified. We found a problem of ruptured mains that would have caused those reservoirs to be impacted. That has been rectified for now. However, I am not saying that the problem in the north of the island is over because one has to remember that we are also faced with burst mains daily,” the BWA spokesperson said.

“There is going to be a burst main daily because of the age of the mains. What we are trying to do is to make sure we find some of the leaks before they surface, repair them in a timely fashion and in the interim, ensure that there is a water supply coming in via the water tankers, community tanks and containers until we get the problem rectified,” she added.

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  1. kathy-Ann Clarke October 31, 2015 at 1:30 pm

    This is great, but they still need to get behind the problems of the water outages, also make sure you have enough for all the residences in the affected areas.


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