Morgan gets final adjournment

COURT TODAY BLOCKBy the next time Anthony Morgan’s case comes before the court and disclosure is not given to the prosecution, the case could very well be thrown out.

Morgan, who resides at Durants Development, Lodge Road, Christ Church, is accused of assaulting Shoya Edwards and occasioning her actual bodily harm.

The prosecution had promised pre-trial disclosure by yesterday, but it was not available when the case was set to continue in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court.

Magistrate Douglas Frederick lamented the situation, saying that the only reason why he holds on “to some of these matters” (and others) is because the complainant allegedly suffered injuries.

“This is very stressful on the court and on the magistrate,” Frederick said.

“The police are dropping the ball,” the magistrate continued. “What is happening? Do you all want more resources? Do you want more training?” he asked.

“Investigators seem not to be respecting the prosecutors enough to even tell them the status of the file. We are waiting on one more statement, the ink has run out, something . . . and then the people on the outside are saying that the court system is slow,” Frederick remarked.

“And every time his lawyer comes I’m sure he has to give him something . . . to hear that the matter is adjourned,” the magistrate ended.

Attorney-at-law Kevin Millar then requested a final adjournment, which “would be the next best thing in the absence of a dismissal,” he said.

The matter was adjourned for disclosure to be handed over on February 2.

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  1. Alex 3 October 30, 2015 at 2:09 pm

    Hello! Is it me that is missing something here?
    Surely in order for the Crown to lay charges it would seem to me the police would have had more than sufficient evidence to give to the Crown BEFORE charges were laid.
    If there has been no disclosure from the RBPF then what was the Crown doing laying charges in the first place?


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