Fighters impress in mixed martial arts

Barbados’ Renaldo Stuart had his work cut out for him last Saturday at the Barbados Community College, but in the end he got the decision in his mixed martial arts bout against Jamaica’s Matthew Colquhoun.

Stuart was the featured attraction of the night’s Sanda and Mixed Martial Arts card and impressed during his contest with the plucky Jamaican. However, he would perhaps have liked to dominate his opponent a bit more.

Action between Renaldo Stuart and Matthew Colquhoun (white shorts).
Action between Renaldo Stuart and Matthew Colquhoun (white shorts).

Stuart showed an inclination for grappling on the mat and often tried to apply submission holds on Colquhoun but was never quite able to maintain and complete the moves as the Jamaican was able to frequently reverse the moves and gain a top position.

As the bout progressed both men noticeably tired, and weakened, and this perhaps contributed more to their inability to close off the match with a submission move.  Stuart would eventually get the judges’ nod on points after the three five-minute rounds.

One of the fights of the night was that between Trinidad and Tobago’s Brandon La Croix and France’s Rodrigue Bazile. The Trinbagonian was clearly the better combatant though Bazile held his own in the first round.

However, in the second round while on the mat La Croix managed to apply a submission lock on Bazile from which there was no escape and he tapped out.

Arguably the best fighter on show for the night was powerful light-heavyweight from Martinique, Bryan Bohoury. He dominated his bout against Trinidadian Martin Joseph forcing him into submission in the second round after a number of throws and takedowns. A choke-hold two minutes into the second round was enough for Joseph to submit.

The sanda fight between Barbadians Rashaad Bryan and Shackeem Mascoll was an exciting affair. Mascoll might have come into the fight with exposure at the Pan Am level under his belt but it meant little to Bryan who took the fight to him with both feet and hands. He dominated the first two of the one and a half minute rounds and though Mascoll dumped him on the mat with two spectacular moves in the third, Bryan had done enough to take the win.

In other fights Miguel Gumbs defeated Jonathan Seale in a schoolboys match-up; Kobe Bowen beat Dario Waithe in a junior middleweight contest; Barbados’ Justin Taylor got the better of Trinidad and Tobago’s Shane Fraser; and Martinique’s Yohan Dupe out-classed a talkative Omar Smith of Trinidad and Tobago. Smith had been giving Dupe some early lip but could not put any action behind his chat.

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