Stay away from minor, Alleyne told

COURT TODAY BLOCKA young man charged with three sexual offences was yesterday warned by a Bridgetown magistrate to manage himself and keep away from the 15-year-old complainant.

Jamar Anderson Alleyne, of Farnums Land, Chapman Lane, St Michael is charged with raping a 15-year-old girl between April 1 and 30 this year, committing an act of serious indecency against her on May 25 and indecently assaulting the same complainant between June 1 and 28, 2015.

Magistrate Douglas Frederick read the indictable charges to Alleyne, after which the prosecutor said he had no objections to bail.

The magistrate queried that position, adding that he would need to hear some of the dynamics of the matter since there is a duty of law under the Sexual Offences Act, which bounds him to “protect persons of a tender age”.

At this point defence counsel Verla DePeiza rose and informed the court that the complainant is 15 and under her mother’s guidance while her client was “under the thumb of the law”.

The attorney explained that the girl was “a few months away from being 16” so although the two “could have waited”
they had not, “but that is human nature,” she said.

“Many girls that age don’t look it . . . he is 21 and he doesn’t look it,” DePeiza pointed out.

“The way the law is structured, two young people whether they consent to it or not, the law does not allow them to consent.”

She added that Alleyne had already been instructed to stay away from the complainant.

“Having been found out, he is the one facing the law court,” DePeiza said, stressing that the three-month span appearing on the charge sheets “suggests a certain type of relationship”.

The question of remand “is to address whether an accused person is a threat to society or society to the accused” which is not the instant case, the lawyer contended.

Magistrate Frederick ordered Alleyne to stay away from the girl, adding that the law is there “to protect young people from themselves”.

“Your responsibility is to manage yourself,” the magistrate told Alleyne, “even if she comes to you, you have to run away”.

The accused was granted $5 000 bail and his case adjourned until February 15.

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